LIVE Dealer Baccarat Online

The most popular LIVE casino game in all of Asia is baccarat, but it ranks very highly in all parts of the world. Before it was widely available online, LIVE baccarat games conditions were set up for socialites and the business elite only. These games would be in roped-off areas or special rooms out away from the rest of the public. This is because the games would be played at very high stakes that most people couldn't afford. Once the game became available on the Internet, however, the rules became well-known, and the ability to play LIVE dealer baccarat through video feeds was eventually widespread, even at low stakes.

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The Nature of the LIVE Baccarat

LIVE baccarat is a game that focuses on a few fundamentals:

  1. It's a game that includes a lot of superstitious elements, and dealers who handle cards in a way that is considered "unlucky" can find themselves getting a lot of anger from players.
  2. Players are often trying to find patterns in the hands that are dealt, so they'll often keep meticulous notes on the cards that came on, the order they came out in or the results of the hands themselves.

A big part of the fun in this game is to set players up with the tools they need to track the hands however they want, so players will probably want to keep a small notebook handy for keeping notes when they play.

In the LIVE baccarat online setting, things are a bit tricky because the betting has to be streamlined to some degree so that players can have their balances updated after each hand. A lot of this is handled automatically by game operators, but it can slow the game down a little. People who are obsessed with a game that speeds along as quickly as possible will probably want to stay away from this type of LIVE dealer baccarat game simply because of the speed element, but this won't affect the majority of people who want to try the games.

Strategic Baccarat Ideas

Despite what some people would say, there are a number of strategic concepts at play when individuals play LIVE dealer baccarat . The first principle of the strategy is to see if there's a weak dealer. A weak dealer is a dealer who isn't using proper shuffling procedure. As a result of this faulty procedure, players can often see what the next cards will be. Understand this: When a player can see what the next card is, an advantage over the LIVE dealer casino can be had through correct play. There's nothing illegal or against the rules for using this information, as long as players don't use some kind of cheating device to get it; that's why it's the very first thing to notice.

Another strategic idea is counting cards. Unfortunately, in most baccarat games card counting is not an effective strategy. However, if the game employs a side bet like the Dragon Bonus or the Panda 8, then card counting becomes a strategy that can get players a big advantage over the casino, so be sure to learn those LIVE game strategies if the game has those side bets available.

Which Bet to Choose?

Most styles of LIVE baccarat online offer up four types of bet: player, banker, tie or pair. The tie and pair bets should always be avoided because of the very high house advantage for them. This leaves the player and banker bets. When playing a banker bet, players get a slightly lower house advantage than the player bet, but they're both about the same payout rate overall with a house edge just over 1 percent each.

In practical play, both the house edge of the banker bet stays pretty close to that of the player bet, but certain cards being dealt can sway things one way or another a few hundredths of a percentage point. This means it's often impossible to know which of the banker or player wagers is correct at any given moment, so it's fine to switch between them however a player feels at the time.