LIVE Baccarat Games Collection

Baccarat is the high rollers game, which has become popular for all players in recent years. The game requires no skill, but only luck as each round has nothing to do with what players do or how they wager. However, many people find the game interesting, but avoid playing it as it seems complicated, when the it’s actually one of the easiest games to play and very entertaining with LIVE dealers.

Many developers offer Baccarat with LIVE dealers and include options of their own to provide a more exciting game experience. These include side betting options and payouts up to 8:1 for any bet on tie. The LIVE dealer option allows you to enjoy the winnings with fair game options on both PC and mobile game options. This means you no longer need to sit at a crowded table with others to enjoy the reward opportunities this casino table game has to offer.

Choosing a Table

Baccarat is a relatively standard game, which can only be played in a certain way, but game developers have still managed to make it more exciting by including additional options for players. This includes multi-hand where players can wager on different hands or bet on the same had as many times as they like for those “feeling lucky” rounds.

Some developers have also selected different table layouts and options along with betting values per hand, which mainly depend on the table limit. Users need to consider a few things when looking for the best table, including bet amounts, game options, side bets, winnings, and any other features you might require. With all the developers available, you can be sure to find anything from the standard single hand game, through to multi-hand variations that provide tremendous opportunities with an additional side bet.

Best Developers for LIVE Baccarat Games


NetEnt provides users with a wide range of gaming options that includes both single hand and multi-hand. Both these variations will reward the same, but offer different options. The developer has made it possible to view detailed stats about the last played rounds, which could give players an better idea of where their money should go. Various wager amounts can be selected, and users will be able to use progressive betting options to increase payouts.


Playtech provides baccarat with a difference as players can choose from multiple table options. The developer has included a Super 6 variation, which bets that either hand will result in a 6. Players can also take advantage of other side bets including perfect pairs. Playtech has created an HD game experience with high-quality video feeds and various options presented at the bottom of the screen to make players feel right at home by setting up the game exactly how they line it.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming gives players the opportunity to play LIVE baccarat with great graphics and side bets. The impressive part about this developer is that the stats of each round will also include other players that seem to be on a winning streak. Players will then have the options to place a side bet on that player and win in both their own game and on others for better rewards.