LIVE Dealer Super 6 Actual Gaming Review

Actual Gaming LIVE Dealer Super 6 Table Actual Gaming LIVE Dealer Super 6 Gameplay

Super 6 Baccarat is a casino table game that has been known to be most enjoyed at an actual casino, which is why Actual Gaming has chosen to offer the LIVE game at a real casino table. This means players enjoying the game online will be able to see those around the table at the casino. This makes the game a lot more interesting as you will be able to see what other players wager on. The results will appear virtually on your screen, which provides all the information and much more on the screen. Players will find an additional Super 6 side bet is available, but can be skipped by players who are only interested in playing the standard game.

A professional layout will be featured on the virtual results side of the LIVE Punto Banco and cameras will allow players to confirm the results on the table. Betting also takes place virtually, which means you can choose the chip value of your choice and place it on Punto (player), Banco (banker), or tie. On either side of the player and banker betting ring, the additional Super 6 bet can be placed.

LIVE Dealer Super 6 Baccarat Layout

The developer provides a picture in picture setup, which displays the actual dealer in the top right-hand corner. Here you will see the entire table and the players around it from the LIVE dealer casino. Since the game does not require any play input, an unlimited amount of players will be able to join the game. Each player will have the same view and betting table that fills up the screen.

Next to the LIVE window to the left, game stats and history will be available. Here players will be able to see how the last 86 games ended. The results will be displayed as a red B for banker, a blue P for player, or a green T for tie. The game will provide numbers on the far left of how many times each hand has won. To professional and beginners, this information is very handy and not always offered with land-based or virtual play casinos.

The virtual table will also include information about the game such as table limits as well as game rules. A rebet or clear bet option is shown on the left along with settings and players will be able to choose chip values on the right. Each card drawn by the dealer will have a unique barcode, these are scanned before placed on the table, which will show the card virtually to the players online.

Super 6 Bet

The Super 6 bet is an optional side bet that will provide additional winning opportunities. Players will be able to see the payouts for all the side bet options under rules, which basically include a higher payout when the hand ends in a total of 6. These winnings are apart from the main game, meaning you can still win with the side bet and lose the main bet, or win both as they have nothing to do with each other.