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Asia Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Baccarat along with blackjack, roulette, and poker are some of the most popular casino games. For this reason, a lot of providers produce versions of those games. Asia Gaming is one of those providers. This provider has been going strong since 2012 so it’s natural for it to have their own version of LIVE Baccarat.

What makes this provider’s version of baccarat so great is that it has some interesting features. Thanks to them any kind of player can enjoy a lovely game of baccarat. Beginners can try the standard version while high-rollers can take a seat at the VIP table. With that in mind, everyone should try Asia Gaming’s LIVE Baccarat.

Asia Gaming LIVE Baccarat Features

As mentioned above, this game has something for everyone’s taste. The standard version is played with 8 decks and features 8 seats. There are a couple of bets players can place. These include the Banker and Player Pair, the Banker and Player Dragon Bonus, as well as the Big and Small bets. The Dragon Bonus is available when either the banker or the player has a hand has a higher point count that the opposite hand or if the point total exceeds the amount of 4 or more.

If players’ are looking for something more interesting they can try the BID Baccarat version. Two dealers host this game. This game also comes with a limited number of seats but if the table is full you can still place side bets. The Join betting players are the ones that place the bets and the betting limit is determined at the table. The version also has a “wait for me” feature which gives a player an additional 10 seconds to make a decision.

Players can also take insurance. It exists to protect a stronger hand from losing. This is also available in the case of a tie or a 9. Finally, insurance can be bought after 4 cards have been dealt. The final feature of this game is the VIP table. This version of the game allows the players to take control of the game by controlling the pace, choosing different dealers and shuffling the deck as many times as they want to. In addition to this, players can opt for a Multiplayer Baccarat version that allows them to play 4 games at the same time.

A high definition video is deLIVEred with these games as well as attentive dealers. Players can contact and tip the dealers should they want to. This version of LIVE baccarat is also available on multiple platforms so players can enjoy this game on the go.


The better part of the screen is dedicated to the video showing the table and dealer or dealers, in the BID version. The lower part of the screen has a smaller table. The table is placed there to assist the player as it shows statistics. Additionally, it has a chatbox that the player can use to talk to the dealer. The current balance and bet amount are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen along with additional statistics in another window next to it.


As it has many features, this game has made it into many libraries of various online casinos. This means that the wagering limits will vary as well. In general, players can place bets between €2.00 and €5.000.00 on the standard version and the VIP table enables them to bet between €1.000.00 and €30.000.00. However, the sites themselves decide on the maximum and minimum wagering limits.


Asia Gaming’s LIVE baccarat is something everyone should try. The game’s designed in such a way that it’s suitable for different types of players. Beginners can sharpen their skills with the standard version and high-rollers can test their skills with the VIP one. In addition, players at all levels can try the BID Baccarat for a truly unique experience. If you’re a baccarat fan, you shouldn’t miss out on this version of the game.