Baccarat Controlled Squeeze Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze with LIVE Dealer Baccarat Controlled Squeeze with LIVE Dealer

The latest news from Evolution Gaming is the release of a new game of baccarat, one where the controls are put in the hands of the player himself. Just like Evolution has done plenty of other times in the past, they have innovated here as well.

While in the regular squeeze variant the one with the control over the cameras is the dealer, here the player has the option to create for himself the experience that he wants. Thanks to the layout that is in place, the squeeze type of game allows for a resemblance of the Macau casino experience to be implemented, since it lets you reveal the cards in a similar way. It’s one of the reasons why high rollers that have experienced the real thing in casinos, will often try out and be satisfied with the baccarat titles offered in LIVE dealer casinos from Evolution Gaming.

Controlled Squeeze With Multiple Cameras

With a Baccarat type of game, the experience is often the same when it comes to the rules that are employed, so developers have worked to innovate in other areas. The way the game is displayed has been a major point of focus, and now there are some that have multiple HD cameras pointed at the table.

The Baccarat Controlled Squeeze has multiple cameras in place, some being placed to show you what happens from above, while two are under the table, showing you what cards are on it.

The way this works is thanks to the table which has glass inserts in it, on which the cards are placed, face down. The software hides the card face with the help of an overlay image, and once the player clicks on it, it will reveal what is underneath. It’s as close as you can get right now, to the real experience that you would have in a casino in Macau. The part that’s new with Controlled Squeeze is the fact that you’re the one working the cameras, and you can look at whatever you want.

LIVE Baccarat Features

The LIVE dealer game is one of the things that Evolution Gaming is known for. They’ve been at it for more than 10 years, being established in 2006. It started out as a niche product, but with their help the LIVE dealer game has managed to become a must have category for operators.

The current LIVE dealer games, including the one named Controlled Squeeze, are created to be enjoyed on a PC, or via a mobile phone or tablet. The streaming of the video is done at HD quality, the action taking place in the Evolution Gaming studio from Riga, Latvia.

The typical wager range for a game like this is anywhere between $5 and $10,000, which should allow everyone to play it. Thanks to the improvements made by Evolution Gaming, high rollers are likely to come closer to the experience of a real casino, which is why they will often pick their games. I would recommend they give Baccarat Controlled Squeeze a try as well, especially since they’re the ones choosing the things they look at.