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Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Baccarat is available with many LIVE dealers provides, but Extreme LIVE Gaming provides a difference with a well-designed betting panel that provides gaming opportunity for beginners and experts along with various options and friendly dealers. Players can expect a high-quality video feed that shows the dealers and everything they do. Additional winnings can be accessed apart from the standard game as side bets are offered for all players.  

The regular game is straightforward and features the huge rewards that come with the standard Baccarat game. Extreme LIVE Gaming has made it possible for players to enjoy their LIVE Baccarat games with both PC and mobile, which lets you join in the rewarding fun at anytime, anywhere.


LIVE Baccarat from Extreme LIVE Gaming can be enjoyed with 2 variations that include traditional Baccarat and Super 6. Both of these games follow regular rules but offer more winnings with different side bet options. Players can access either of the games with any casino offering Extreme LIVE Gaming, which includes large amounts of tables and bet behind features for those who choose only to take advantage of the side bet options.


The standard gaming option will provide the normal winnings that include 1;1 for winnings on player along with .95;1 for winnings on the banker. The game will also include the rewarding tie bet that pays 8;1 for any wager placed on a tie. The standard game does not contain any additional side bet options as this allows players who only want to enjoy LIVE Baccarat with its usual gaming options.

Super 6

Super 6 might seem like a whole new gaming experience, but it’s actually very similar to the traditional game and just includes various side bet options and bigger winnings. The game will provide winnings of 1;1 for both players and banker when the banker score is anything other than 6. Should the player place a bet on banker and the hand results in 6, the player will win 12;1, which is why the game is called Super 6. This variation will also provide an 8;1 bet for tie.

Side bets also offer some impressive winnings and various options. These include big and small side bets that offer additional winnings when only 4 cards have been used in small or when 5 to 6 cards are used in big to complete the hand. These bets do not provide massive side bet winnings, but could add up quickly with regular winnings.

Table and Dealers

With each round, LIVE Baccarat will offer additional stats about the winning hands and history. These are provided with various windows at the top of the screen around the dealer, meaning no interference with the actual game will take place, but players still get to see all the needed info while playing.

Dealers are friendly and professional while the virtual betting menu ensures all the bet options and features are offered. Betting and play are all done virtually, which allows for quick changes to bet values.

Numerous game setting can be adjusted, which includes video quality, sound effects and much more. These options can be accessed at the bottom of the screen with the gear symbol. To the left of this option, the game will also offer rules and how to play guides.