LIVE Dealer Baccarat Ezugi Review

Ezugi LIVE Dealer Baccarat Table Ezugi LIVE Dealer Baccarat Gameplay

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Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.50 - 3,000
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €1 - €5,000
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.25 - 5,000

Ezugi has become a big name in LIVE dealer casino market as they offer a fantastic range of games and options for players to take advantage of. Their LIVE dealer baccarat games provides various options, which includes side bets for both player and banker betting options. The game is shown with a LIVE video feed that includes virtual betting on a real baccarat table. The game is played with multiple decks, which are shuffled and cut before added to the shuffler to be played. Ezugi has ensured players can take advantage of a professional and fair game with multiple bets, settings, and amazing high-quality graphics.

The game will also offer mobile betting options that allow you to enjoy LIVE betting with iOS and Android smartphones. Players will also find the game history and stats are shown at the top of the screen in each corner, which can be adjusted to show the info you use the most. These stats include the last hands played, most won numbers, how often tie takes place, and your personal game history since you’ve started playing.

Ezugi LIVE Baccarat Side Bets

Players will be able to make use of multiple side bet options that offer 3 additional bets for both the player and banker. These bets will not depend on the results of your primary hand, meaning you will be able to trigger winnings with the side bet, even when you lose the main game.

The side bet options include perfect pairs that will reward 25:1 when 2 cards of the same value and suit appear in the hand wagered on. LIVE dealer baccarat from Ezugi is played with more than one deck, which makes the perfect pairs possible. The perfect pair bet will reward 11:1 when a winning bet has been placed on the banker.

Next to perfect pairs, players will find a “Big” side bet option on the player side and a “Small” bet option on the dealer side. Players will also be able to enjoy winnings with standard pairs, which include winnings of 11:1 for a winning bet on player and banker. These pay when 2 of the same card values appear for the hand wagered on. Only the first 2 cards will be used to reward this side bet, meaning players will know if the side bet has won or lost before the other hands are paid out.


Ezugi has made it very easy for players to choose various bet amounts, which allows different betting systems to be used and progressive betting is a real option with the values available. On either side of the brightly colored chips in the center, you will find a dealer tip option along with chat that can be used to communicate with the dealer as well as other players. To the right on the chips, all the game settings are shown where video and sound can be adjusted. Placing the last bet again, accessing game guides, or returning to the lobby can be done with these options.