Baccarat Review
GGL LIVE Dealer Game

Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Baccarat is presented by Global Gaming Labs with a LIVE dealer. The developer has been involved with the casino world since 2002, which gives them a massive advantage to knowing what players expect and require, which is why players can expect a professional gaming experience with a well-designed table and betting options among various settings to adjust the game to exactly what you desire. A clear view is streamed from their studios, where the table and dealer can clearly be seen. The game is played with 8 decks of cards and offers 3 side bet options with winnings up to 11:1. The standard game will reward up to 8:1 for any bet placed on tie and both player and baker have the same ending hand values.

LIVE Baccarat will not be available with mobile options but can be enjoyed with instant play on PC. Game history and various other types of stats will be featured on screen to ensure players have the edge when it comes to placing the next bet. Everyone from beginner to high rollers will find a wager as table limits from $5.00 to $100.00 per bet is available.

How LIVE Baccarat GGL Works

GGL LIVE Dealer Baccarat is easy to play, but could be confusing if you do not understand the math behind each hand. The important part to remember is that no value above 9 can be presented, which is why 10 is subtracted from hands with a combined values over 10. For example, if the player receives a hand with 5 and 9, which is 14, the total had value is 4. In which case the dealer will draw only 1 additional card. Once again, for example, let's say the drawn card is 9, which is added to the current value of 4 to make 13. The player hand will end at a total of 3.

To play the game, players need to place a bet on either player, banker, or tie. Once bets have been placed the dealer will draw 2 cards for each hand. Should either of those hands have a value of 8 or 9, they will automatically end the round as the winning hand. However, if values below 6 are shown with either side, an additional card will be drawn to increase its value.

Side Bets

Players will be able to choose from 3 side bet options that appear on the table above the standard betting options. These include perfect pairs for player and banker. A perfect pair consists of the same card value and suit, which might sound uncommon, but actually occurs often as 8 decks of cards are used, meaning there are 8 of each card with the same value and suit. Any pair is a side bet that rewards 5:1, which will pay when either side has a pair.