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Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Known as the high rollers game, baccarat was the first to be offered in LIVE dealer format at online casinos. Baccarat’s popularity hugely increased once Bond expressed his love of the constant unemphatic excitement of watching the quiet players round the green tables, the dry riffle of the cards and in Casino Royale it becomes clear that luck is a servant and not a master. Several baccarat variations are now offered via LIVE dealer options created by numerous developers. HoGaming is one of the most preferred developers when it comes to No Commission Baccarat highly enjoyed amongst high-rollers in Asia, while its Speed Baccarat and LIVE Baccarat are amongst the most enjoyed online LIVE dealer versions.

No Commission HoGaming Baccarat

No Commission Baccarat is unlike any other version and maintains a certain mystique, exclusivity and can be found in high-stakes VIP rooms. HoGaming LIVE dealer software offers LIVE dealer games enhanced via visual excellence and dealers are placed in the centre of the screen while game-specific information is displayed around the sides. No Commission Baccarat is offered streamed from both its Grand Studio as well as HoGaming’s Classis Studio.

Regular LIVE dealer baccarat players will immediately notice the difference in payouts since instead of normal payouts featuring banker wins at 0.95:1, the player wins at 1:1 and a tie at 8:1, No Commission Baccarat offers a 1:1 on banker wins. The payout for a win by the banker does not carry a house commission of 5% also known as vigorish and pays even money, hence its title No Commission Baccarat. No doubt, apart from its catchy title the game entice thousands of players since there is one other difference in payouts where the banker wins with a score of 6, the payout is 0.5:1.

Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat provides online players who enjoy LIVE dealer games the option to enjoy much quicker rounds since there is no dealer squeeze of the cards and cards are dealt face up, while the third card is dealt immediately. Standard baccarat games take around 48 seconds, while Speed Baccarat is all about the lightning fast round in under 30 seconds. Betting windows are limited to under 15 seconds, and players need to focus not to miss the betting opportunity. While the speed and fast-paced action is part of the thrill of enjoying Speed Baccarat all the standard side bets, roadmaps and game options are the same and available in the playing interface.

HoGaming offers several LIVE dealer baccarat games form two studios, its Grand Casinos feature No Commission Baccarat and Baccarat, while the Classic Studio offers Speed Baccarat, Baccarat, and No Commission Baccarat. The Euro studio LIVE baccarat feature standard bet and a player or banker pairs of 11:1, and its visually stunning games look identical and offers the same bets broadcasted from its Asian Studio.

Online casinos offering HoGaming LIVE dealer games have the freedom to customize games to cater for their player-specific needs. Since 2012, LIVE dealer baccarat can also be enjoyed via tablet, HoGaming utilizes advanced mobile technology to offer games perfect for 4G networks. In LIVE baccarat two hands are dealt, the players and the banker’s, before each the player gets to wager on the winning hand. Players can bet on their own hand or the bankers and the hand closest to 9 wins.

The benefit of enjoying LIVE baccarat is that online players get to play from the comfort of home while they still enjoy the socializing aspect via chat options allowing interaction with the LIVE dealer or other players. Players can view the game from several cameras, which ensures an authentic online experience, while HoGaming software is known to offer flawless, glitz-free play for hours.


Ho Gaming offers a nice version of baccarat that will appeal to fans of the game. Its odds are standard but it is the speed baccarat will certainly pique the interests of those looking for fast-paced action, and those looking to think faster on their feet per say will find the speed version one that allows them to improve their skills.