Baccarat Review
Lucky Streak LIVE Dealer Game

Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Lucky Streak has managed to create some impressive games in the little time it is present on the market. Established in 2014, the developer has managed to create an incredible range of games, but its most successful ones are the standard LIVE Blackjack, LIVE Roulette, and LIVE Baccarat

What makes these standard games stand out from a variety of games by other well-established developers is the fact that they are really player-focused. You can notice that the minute you load Baccarat. Most LIVE Baccarat versions lack things experienced baccarat players notice at once. But Lucky Streak’s Baccarat has it all, and you’ll soon learn why we say so.

LIVE Baccarat Lucky Streak Features

Played with 8 decks, with the cards dealt from a manual shoe, Lucky Streak’s LIVE Baccarat comes in two viewing modes. Since it can seat up to 7 players, there is a Single and a Multi-Player mode. This feature actually gives the game an added dimension and makes it differ from other versions available on the market. 

When in Single Player mode, you can only see the dealer, your chips and the two slots for the Player and Banker cards. When in Multi-Player mode, you can see the chips of up to 7 players across the table, giving you an insight into how others are playing.

Another thing you’ll find useful in this game is the selection of Roadmaps. You can see the past action on the shoes, but you cannot see the betting stats in real-time for each game round. Even though you cannot see the value of each player’s hand, you can use the Roadmaps which are built automatically as each hand completes. You have the Cockroach Pig, Small Road, Big Eye Boy, Bead Plate, and Big Road. The latest two are most useful, in our experience.

The Baccarat History field is available, as well, where you can see the number of times the main hands or the Side bets have won. Speaking of Side bets, you have the complete range of Baccarat Side bets, so you can enjoy an all-inclusive experience.


As introduced, the game’s strongest suit is its design. The fact that it is available in both Single and Multi-Player mode really makes it special. Both table layouts are in dark purple, with gold-yellow letters. The Single Player mode shows you the dealer, the Main and Side betting positions and the odds for each bet. The view of the table is uncluttered. The Multi-Player mode has 7 seating positions and gives you the feel of a communal game.

The dealers are super fun and helpful and are always up for a chat. It helps to ask them to speak up if you’re having problems with the sound quality.


The betting range in Baccarat may depend on the casinos that offer it. Usually, though, the minimum bet you can place is $1, while the maximum $500.

In terms of payouts, as introduced, the game offers the Main bets but also a full range of Side bets. The Main Player and Banker bets pay 11:1. The Big/Small Side bets pay 0:54:1/1:5:1, Perfect Pair 25:1, and Either Pair 5:1.


Almost all LIVE Casino games developers have their own version of baccarat. And it is only natural, considering the popularity of the game and players’ interest in it. What makes Lucky Streak’s game of Baccarat different and better than any other available on the market is the dual viewing mode. Considering you can opt to play in Single Player mode, if you’re feeling to, or Multi-Player mode, if you’re in for the community feel, it means that the game can provide you with anything you need, anything at all, even privacy or the sense of belonging, whichever you prefer. Both Main and Side bets are in place, and everything is just suited for any baccarat player. Enjoy!