LIVE Dealer Baccarat Playtech Review

Playtech LIVE Dealer Baccarat Table Playtech LIVE Dealer Baccarat Gameplay

Baccarat is known as the high-roller games in the casino world. The game has been featured in many movies such as 007. Playtech has now made Baccarat available with LIVE dealers that provide a gaming experience from anywhere with mobile and PC options. The LIVE dealer features provide a real casino experience with actual dealers offering the game and all its attractive opportunities. Games rules and features remain the same as those found in land-based casinos. However, the significant advantage with LIVE dealer games is that there is always an open space for you at these tables with various bet values and options to make the game unique in every way.

Users will find the LIVE Baccarat option is available at all LIVE dealer Playtech casinos with multiple tables offering 7 seats each. The developer will make more seats available as required to ensure all players have the opportunity to enjoy the games offered. Playtech has also included multiple variations with different winning opportunities.

Playtech LIVE Baccarat Variations

Playtech provides LIVE Baccarat with 4 variations. Some include massive progressive winnings and other features that provide players with more options and opportunities. These games have large table limits that allow low rollers to high rollers to wager on any of the games and have the same winning opportunities.

7 Seat

This variation of Playtech LIVE Baccarat has 7 seats and various side bet options. Players will be able to play the standard game by betting on player, banker, or tie. Winnings can also be extended with perfect pairs on the player or banker hand that rewards 25;1, either pair refers to unsuited pairs for the player or banker and awards 5;1. The game also allows small and big side bets, which apply to the following, small (only 4 cards are used in the round) rewards 1.5;1, and big (5 or 6 cards are used per round) pays 0.54;1.

Mini Baccarat

LIVE Mini Baccarat provides the exact same game without the additional seats or side bet options. This is a one on one gaming option that provides the game in its most standard form. Players who are only interested in playing the straight game will prefer mini-Baccarat over any other variation.


In-Running works much like in-play with sports betting. The feature allows players to wager on the game even after the round has started. Odds will be calculated and offered on the screen for users to wager. The odds will depend on the first cards on the table, allowing users to take advantage of the usual betting option before the game or in-running. Players could also add to their bet during the game to increase rewards for winning hands.


Playtech has made LIVE dealer Baccarat available with a massive 6 figure progressive jackpot opportunity. The win will be available when the progressive side bet option is used on both the player and banker's hand. Players will find various rewards are included apart from the jackpot with this hand, which includes a natural 6 that rewards 10x the bet, natural 7 offering 15x the bet, natural 8 pays 20x the bet, natural 9 provides 25x the bet. The big winnings begin with any Ace and 8 of any suit for player and banker for 1,000x, suited Ace and 8 for both player and banker rewards 10,000x, and finally, a suited ace and 8 and the banker matches will result in the progressive jackpot win.