Baccarat: 3 Variants Review
XPro Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Baccarat: 3 Variants with LIVE Dealer Baccarat: 3 Variants with LIVE Dealer

There are many online casinos and they offer plenty of games. To keep those casinos stocked with games plenty of game providers exist. As LIVE dealer games are offered by the bulk of these casino sites providers make sure their clients have such games. One of those high-quality providers is XPro Gaming. This provider never rests on its laurels and thanks to their efforts players can play their version of LIVE Baccarat.

This provider’s version of LIVE baccarat makes sure to have something for each player’s level of skill. This means that regular players can enjoy the classic version of baccarat and the high-rollers can try Fast Baccarat or Baccarat SuperSix. The different versions bring a different level of risk but also different types of rewards.

XPro Gamings LIVE Baccarat Features

As mentioned above, there are three versions of LIVE baccarat available. The best part about all versions is that there’s no limit to the number of players participating in the game. The classic version of LIVE baccarat offers 2 types of modes. Those are the Baccarat Punto Banco and the Baccarat No Commission. Each mode is played with 8 decks.

The No Commission mode pays 1:1 on the Banker and the player. However, if the banker should win with a 6 then the payout is 50% of the staked amount. Naturally, side bets are available and the ones that the player can place are Banker Pair, Dragon and Tiger, and Player Pair. The player can also choose to display the classic road maps that include Big, Bead, Big Eye Boy, Small and Cockroach Road or not.

If players are looking for a chance to increase their winnings at a higher risk then they can try out the Fast Baccarat variant or the SuperSix one. All versions of the game are fitted with a high definition video and stream so players can always keep an eye out on the action and never miss an opportunity. Each version has an attentive LIVE dealer that you can talk to. Finally, all these versions are available on multiple platforms so players can enjoy them via their tablets and smartphones.


As the video is always of high quality, the bigger part of the screen is dedicated to it. The lower part of the screen is where the player’s table is set. Players can use this to place bets. Also, it helps them keep track of their current balance and bet amount along with some chips on the right side. Just above the table, on the left side, there’s the side icon and above that there’s a chatbox icon with an info icon. To the right of that table is another table that lets the player keep track of the statistics and road predictions. The screen-size icon is located above that table.


When it comes to the wagering limits, these are different from operator to operator. A good rule of thumb would suggest that the high-roller tables play at higher stakes than the classic ones so their betting limits are much higher. In general, players can bet anywhere between €1.00 and €50.00 on the standard tables. On the other hand, when it comes to the high-roller tables players should be able to bet between €10.00 and €1.000.00. These limits aren’t set in stone and various Baccarat online casinos will have higher and lower wagering limits.


Since XPro Gaming is a provider that doesn’t disappoint with their LIVE games, then players know what to expect of their version of LIVE baccarat. The beginner and intermediate players can enjoy the classic version of the game in one of the two modes whereas the high-rollers can test their skills in the fast version. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then you can test your skill and decision-making ability with that version or stick to the classic one. Regardless of which version of the game you try out, you’ll be richer either with experience or with prizes.