Bet on Baccarat Review LIVE Dealer Game

Bet on Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Bet on Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Baccarat fans know that the only time you can place a bet during the game is before the cards are dealt. But has made sure to make the standard baccarat game a little bit more interesting, by including more betting rounds and options. The developer created the game called Bet on Baccarat, where you can do precisely what the title says: place bets on Baccarat bets.

This is the only way Bet on Baccarat differs from the standard Punto Banco or Baccarat. Otherwise, you have the same rules. The game is played with 6 standard 52-card decks.

Bet on Baccarat LIVE Features

With rules which are exactly the same as in a normal LIVE Baccarat game, Bet on Baccarat will blow your mind when it comes to the betting part. Instead of placing all bets at the beginning of the game, before any cards are dealt, in Bet on Baccarat you can also place bets after the first cards are dealt. The game is made more interesting thanks to the addition of a whole range of side bets and betting combos, and thanks to the chance to use a baccarat strategy, if you have one since the Roadmaps are displayed that can help you decide on your bets.

You can bet on the basic Banker, Player and Tie bets, but you can also bet on side bets. Banker Pairs, Player Pairs, Either Pairs and Perfect Pair are available options, Big or Small, as well as the following Colour bets: More Blacks or More Reds, Equal Blacks or Equal Reds, Next Card Black or Next Card Red. Suit bets are also at your disposal, where you can bet that the Banker or Player first two cards will the same suit, or all cards will be the same suit, or the Next Card will be a heart, diamond, spade or club. Even and Odd are also your options, where you bet that Player or Banker points will be odd or even. Totals are also available where you bet Player and Banker points will be less or more than 9.5, even or the Total of Player and Banker cards will be odd.

You place a bet before any cards are dealt. In the first dealing round, the Player is dealt a card first. The odds are recalculated and you’re allowed to place additional bets. Then the Banker position receives a card, and you get another chance to make a bet. In the last dealing round, both Player and Banker get second cards, and according to the baccarat playing rules, even a third card if necessary. This is when the bets are settled.


When you load Bet on Baccarat, you will notice the modern background behind the dealer, with neon-light details and the LED lights on the baccarat table. There’s a motorbike on the right of the dealer, who knows why, and that’s about it.

The playing interface is pretty simple, you can choose to display the Side Bets odds and the Roadmaps if you wish, and you can adjust the volume of the game. At the top, you can find the How to Play instructions, Bet History, information on the dealers and the History Results.


Just like in most table games, in Bet on Baccarat, you can place a minimum bet of $1, and a maximum of $100. To place a bet, you need to click on the bet option you want, enter the bet amount in the provided box and press “Place Bet”.

 As far as payouts go, the odds are recalculated after each card is dealt and before each betting round. Therefore, you would have to keep a close eye on the odds and be alerted before you continue betting.


It is really fun to see how a game, as simple in nature as baccarat, can be turned into something entirely more exciting. has succeeded in adding something into a game that has fairly simple rules and only one round of betting. To keep you more engaged and add a bigger level of excitement, the developer included more betting rounds and given you more chances for you to win! Give it a try!