Dragon Jackpot Baccarat Review
Playtech LIVE Dealer Game

Dragon Jackpot Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Dragon Jackpot Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Playtech is one of the biggest names with LIVE dealer table game as they provide multiple variations of each game, fair results, and much more. The developer includes Dragon Jackpot Baccarat that will provide a gaming experience much like the land-based casino classic. Here players will only have one seat, meaning one hand per round, but the online variation can be enjoyed by many at the same time since the results do not require and player input. Playtech has made the game available on mobile and PC, giving users the option to enjoy the game anywhere.

Dragon Jackpot Baccarat LIVE is presented with an expert table and interface that is easy to use and provides betting for all players. A high-quality stream can be expected that shows the gorgeous dealer as well as the table and side bet options. Dragon Jackpot Baccarat is played with 8 decks of 52 cards and streamed worldwide from their European and Asian studios.

Playtech Dragon Baccarat LIVE Side Bet

Dragon Jackpot Baccarat LIVE uses a much smaller table that most are used to, which makes it a lot easier to see what’s going on and how the game works. The impressive part about the table is that all side betting options have been included, giving players to opportunity to win up 25:1 with perfect pairs. These are 6 side bet options that include wagering on both the player and banker. These bets provide users with the possibility to win even when the main hand played results in a loss.

Dragon Baccarat Layout

Playtech has always been famous for offering a well-designed interface that provides all the features you desire while ensuring a professional game. Once loaded, players will see the LIVE dealer with other table gaming taking place behind her. In front of her, the table can clearly be seen with rules, side bets, and the standard betting options that include player, tie, and banker.

Bets are placed on the table to provide a more casino-like game experience. Simply choose a chip value and place it in the slots you want to wager on. This form of betting is also used for the side bets, which will be confirmed with the information panel at the bottom.

This information panel will also include many other options that allow users to keep track of the game. Various history windows can be selected that appear above the info bar and provide details about the last hands.

Players will be able to choose different chip values for each hand, access rebet options that will repeat your last wager, and access chat options that can be used to chat with other players or with the dealer. The panel is well-designed and allows users to access the mentioned options among much more within seconds while in play or when new bets are placed.