Lightning Baccarat Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Lightning Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Lightning Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Lightning Baccarat is Evolution’s latest addition to its Lightning portfolio. The developer first created Lightning Roulette, then Lightning Dice, and Lightning Baccarat was the natural move considering all three games’ popularity among LIVE Casino players.

As its name implies, Lightning Baccarat is a fast baccarat variant, and just like the two previous Lightning titles, offers staggering Win Multipliers. The only difference is, the Multipliers here can combine up to a maximum of 262,144x!


When you start playing Lightning Baccarat, you will notice that it is a standard baccarat game with a unique twist. There is a Lightning Round included in the gameplay. You get the standard Player, Banker and Tie bet, but they will be enhanced here. The game is played with a standard 8 deck shoe, and the Player or Banker hand needs to be closest to 9 to win. If both hands have the same numbers, it is a Tie.

Essentially, before any game round starts, one to five random cards are chosen to be Lightning Cards. These Lightning Cards are chosen from a virtual 52-card deck. Now, each of those cards gets a Random Multiplier: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x.

When the dealer deals the cards, should you get one or more of these Lightning Cards in your hand, and that hand wins, you get a payout which is multiplied by the amount of the Multiplier(s). Now, the Multipliers are, of course, funded by 20% of each players’ bet.

Lighting Baccarat Design

Set against a black and gold, Chinese-style background with Art Deco details, Lightning Baccarat is another yet wonderfully looking game. The special addition of the lightning bolts whenever you hit a major win is priceless, providing you with the ultimate experience.

The Playing Interface, as in any other game by the developer, contains useful statistical information, as you can see the Total Wagers placed on a specific spot, the total number of players playing that spot and the percentage of Bets placed on each betting spot. A set of Roadmaps is also available, to show you the history of each game round in several different ways.

The game is available across all device types. On a desktop, you can take advantage of the Classic View and the Full-Screen View, while on mobile devices the Landscape and Portrait View.


Lightning Baccarat comes with a full range of betting options. But you’ll, of course, have to decide how much you want to invest in those bets. The minimum bet you can place in most online casinos is $1, while the maximum seems to go up to $2,000.

As introduced, the game offers the standard betting options, but some are enhanced with Multipliers. The Multipliers are added if you have more than 1 Lightning Card in your winning hand. Without the Multipliers, the odds are 1:1 for Player and Banker bets, 8:1 or 9:1 for Tie and 11:1 for Pair. With the Multipliers, the Tie pays 5:1 and Pair 9:1, multiplied by the up to 262,144x Multiplier! The game is capped at $500,000, though.


If you’re looking for a refreshing baccarat variant to try, which with its volatility has already stolen the hearts of hundreds of LIVE Casino games players, then Lightning Baccarat is the game for you. Not only it plays like standard baccarat and offers the same bet options, but it also comes packed with Multipliers that can increase your win of up to 262,144x! Not only that, but it is a visually appealing game, too, available across all platforms, so you can play it wherever you are. Stop wasting your precious time playing classic games and try your luck on this special baccarat version.