Baccarat Review
Microgaming LIVE Dealer Game

Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Microgaming, one of the leading global software companies for online gambling software has crafted multiple table games in their twenty years. They have added LIVE dealer table games to the mix, one of them being Baccarat. Instead of a visually designed baccarat table, a real one is showcased via a gambling studio in Toronto, Ontario. This occurs through a stream that consistently remains at either 720p or 1080p.

This creates an experience that can only be found at a land based casino. The only virtual elements to this game is the betting selections, player information and the rules. Everything else is LIVE & being shown in real time. These table games & the money being sent through the stream is also protected via SSL Encryption Passcodes.

How to Play

Played with a 52-Card Desk, there is a random shuffle generator at place in this game so that everything is balanced. There’s three ways that a bet may be placed in this LIVE Baccarat game. The player hand, the banker hand and a tie. What this means is that you are betting that either the players hand or the bankers hand will come out on top or that they will end up in a tie. The best possible hand is a nine.

This simplicity of this game is incredible. It allows for quick & fluent motions in how the game is played. Players are the only ones that can bet before the deal. The player themselves has the choice to bet on themselves, the dealer or a tie.

LIVE Dealer Baccarat Microgaming Benefits

LIVE Dealer Baccarat from Microgaming is only available via instant play LIVE casinos. Though many will complain of the lack of there being no mobile format to this game, being able to experience a land based experience from the comfort of your home computer is a benefit that millions have waited for. Every dealer seen will be a beautiful young woman, a woman whom knows the game inside out and never falters as a dealer.

The second benefit to playing under this platform is that all payouts are processed in a period of twenty-four hours. Any payouts will be secured by SSL Encryption Passcodes. These passcodes will ensure that every piece of information being transferred between the casino & player’s withdrawal method will be secured.


Baccarat is a game that when played at first might seem confusing but minutes later seems simplistic & exciting. Microgaming does wonders in developing this game. The clean, slick design makes for a modern day feeling that beats out even land based casinos. It’s a great introduction for new players, an amazing game for compiled gamers and an overall incredible experience.