Super 6 Baccarat Review
ViG LIVE Dealer Game

Super 6 Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Super 6 Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Visionary iGaming was established in 2008, and in 2011 added six dedicated LIVE Blackjack tables. This was primarily driven by the online market’s demand for branded and dedicated tables. Blackjack became one of the most popular LIVE dealer games and attracted well over eleven thousand players within thirty-five days. ViG got nominated for the Best LIVE Casino Supplier of the Year Award and made news headlines a few years later by introducing online players to a brand-new version of LIVE Baccarat called Super 6 that became a popular variant of the card game.

ViG LIVE Super 6 Baccarat Features

By selecting the Super 6 Baccarat from the ViG, lobby players can select wagering from $5 up to $100 from the lower betting options, $25 to $500 from the standard wagering options and high rollers can enjoy playing with betting options ranging from $250 to $5,000. Players will be able to place their bets on the “place bets sign” becoming active. All payouts are standard and include even money for banker and player wagers pay even money, 8:1  for a tie and 1:2 for bets on the banker. By placing bets on the circled six, the Super 6 bet is activated and will pay 12:1. Should the banker win with a score of six, and at least a four-point margin is won if the hand is a natural winner in the dragon side bet.

As a relatively new variant of baccarat games, Super 6 Baccarat enjoys massive popularity from players and is broadcasted from land-based casino studios based in San Jose, Costa Rica. The high-quality video quality improves online player's gaming quality, user-friendly interface and games broadcasted in real-time is available to players worldwide and is US friendly. Perfect for players who wish to enjoy a different variant from Punto Banco or other standard versions of baccarat, Super 6 offers slightly adjusted payouts while betting options also includes perfect pars, dragon bonus and super 6 side bets. With the two extra wagering types, players have the opportunity to enjoy big payouts via raising their stakes, since payouts offered goes up to 30:1. 

The most major benefit of enjoying Super 6 LIVE Baccarat is the side bets such as the dragon bonus, Super 6 bonus and the perfect pairs. Online players also have access to quick game statistics via the stats section and payouts for side wagers reach up to 30:1. Visionary iGaming broadcasts games via high-quality HD and with automatically changed camera angles players enjoy every gaming action, which hugely improves the online LIVE dealer gaming experience. 


Super 6 Baccarat is a unique offering by VIG that offers an affordable range of bets and excellent odds. This is a unique game that will appeal to those who enjoy Baccarat and is easy to learn for those who are only now discovering it. As an added plus, VIG offers detailed information on the game and how to play it.