Tiger Baccarat Review
Playtech LIVE Dealer Game

Tiger Baccarat with LIVE Dealer Tiger Baccarat with LIVE Dealer

Playtech has added a unique game experience for baccarat that gives players the ability to win life changing amounts with their favourite classic table game. A full sized table is presented, which can accommodate 7 players at a time along with side bet options to take advantage of the progressive side bet option offered. All players will be able to to enjoy both the standard game and side bet with any bet amount and increase the fabulous reward opportunities already presented. Since Playtech provides their game selection with HTML5, you will be able to enjoy the rewards with any smartphone or tablet. iOS or Android have apps, which offer n even more impressive game experience.

Tiger Baccarat LIVE will still provide all the features and options of the standard LIVE Baccarat variation, but includes an additional progressive side bet. Other side bets such as perfect pairs will remain part of the game, giving each player the ability to trigger higher winnings with the side bet option of their choice.

Playtech Tiger Baccarat LIVE Side Bet

The side bet options include 6 slots where players can place their chips and take advantage of the winnings they present. Each has different odds, which are shown on the betting option given. Players will find rewards up to 25:1 when a winning wager has been placed on perfect pairs for the player. Perfect pairs will receive 2 identical cards before it’s rewarded, which is possible since Baccarat is played with 8 decks of 52 cards.

The progressive jackpot side bet will provide many additional winning opportunities, which depends on the hand presented. The wagering ranges from $2.00 up to $20.00 per sound and will payout 10:1 to 25:1 for any natural 6, 7, 8, or 9, meaning they appear on the first 2 cards added to player or banker. Players will also be able to take advantage of higher payouts when Ace and 8 show. Getting a hand with any suit on both the player and banker's hand will result in a payout of 1,000:1. The game will increase the rewards when suits come into play as payouts of 10,000:1 when player has suited Ace and 8, and the dealer has the same hand but in a different suit.

The huge progressive jackpot amount displayed on the left of the table will be rewarded when both player and banker’s hand show Ace and 8 with the same suit. This means all 4 of the first cards need to consist of a single suit with ace and 8 for player the same for the banker.

Playtech Baccarat Layout

Playtech Tiger Baccarat provides the natural design you might have interacted with on other LIVE games from Playtech. It’s very easy to use and provides an extensive list of options to choose from. Players will be able to access game history, table advantage of various bet amounts, and chat with the other players and dealers at the table.