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Playing in online casinos in the United States is a bit of a hassle after the UIGEA passed in 2006 because that restricted certain avenues of depositing and cashing out from any type of online gambling site. Along these lines, it's a bit more difficult for LIVE baccarat online USA players to get in a game. On top of that, the games that are available aren't always the most reliable because of the fact that it's hard for American players to get much in the way of enforcement from certain licensing bodies. However, we have recommendations here for the best of the LIVE baccarat online USA casinos that players can trust.

History and Reputation

Each one of the LIVE dealer casinos that we have recommended have all been vetted to make sure they have a reputation for doing right by their players. This means a number of different things, and it includes their history of reliable cash outs. Without trust in knowing that withdrawals are going to be processed without a hitch, players are gambling just as much on the fairness of a LIVE casino as they are on the games themselves. This isn't optimal for obvious reasons, and that's why we only suggest sites that have a good history of paying out when they're supposed to.

Cash outs aren't the only aspect of a site's reputation, however. We've also looked at how player disputes and customer service are handled to see if each of these LIVE baccarat online USA casinos treat people like human beings or if they're treated like numbers. Friendly service is a critical part of the overall experience, and the fun can really be taken out of it if players have to deal with rude, slow or unprofessional service representatives.

LIVE baccarat US Casinos Bonuses

The reality of playing with LIVE baccarat online USA casinos and other classic table games, especially in a LIVE dealer setting, is that there aren't always a ton of bonuses available. Games like baccarat are often restricted from being played in many bonus offers, which is somewhat ridiculous considering that it has a similar house advantage as many other games, like certain types of online slots, that are all allowed. Along these lines, players should know that the casino sites we suggest have all been checked to see what the promotions are like so that we can offer up the best deals that are available from the most reputable online establishments out there.

High-Definition Feeds Without Lag

One of the things about LIVE dealer baccarat games is that they rely on a strong connection with high-definition video feeds. If a site has video feeds of a poor quality, it can really mess with the quality of the experience as a whole as well, and that's why we only recommend LIVE baccarat online USA sites that have great audio and video feeds that do not lag. Instead, if a player's connection slows down momentarily, the feed may skip frames or otherwise adjust itself to stay up-to-date with real time events because getting several seconds behind the game can cause players to be kicked from a table.

Chat It Up With New Friends

The coolest thing about these LIVE dealer games for US players is that it's easy to make new friends from all over the United States who love playing LIVE Baccarat. The chat function available at the table gives players a quick and easy way to communicate, just like players would in a land-based environment, and players can even keep up with each other outside of the games to arrange times to play together.


The bottom line is that LIVE baccarat online USA casino sites have a lot to offer if players are guided to the right sites that are reputable, that have good promotions, that have great video feeds and that provide users with a chance to chat and have a social experience. The sites we recommend meet all of these criteria, and they're the best that can be found for American players.