LIVE Dealer Blackjack Online

Blackjack is the most popular card-based game to be played in Western casinos in history, and it all started from a Spanish game called 21 that used a deck that's a bit different than the 52-card French deck that we use now. What's great about today's LIVE blackjack games online is that they offer up better odds and more chances to go on long winning streaks than the original version of the game, and players can often get a payout rate of more than 99 percent when they play now. We have a number of options for LIVE dealer blackjack, and we want to show players how to make sure they find the best fit for themselves.

Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games of today and is very popular in LIVE dealer format. Many developers offer LIVE blackjack and we have created extensive quality reviews for each game. Each of our reviews includes screen shots, and a list of respectable, safe and licensed casinos offering live dealer games.

Choose Your LIVE Blackjack Casino

A lot of casinos offer LIVE dealer games. But not all casinos are safe and comfortable for all players. We test dozens of casinos and offer you the most interesting to play LIVE blackjack with. They are sorted country in order to make locating a casino fast, easy and simple. If you wish, you can view casinos from around the world as well.

LIVE Betting Blackjack Options

LIVE dealer games for blackjack, like any other blackjack games, have a lot of variety. This is because there are tons of different options for specific rule changes in the game itself, and each one of these seemingly small changes in rules can drastically change the right strategies for certain spots in the game.

For example, in most games, the dealer will hit on a soft total of 17. However, if the dealer stands on a soft 17, that gives a little bit more of an advantage to the house, and it changes the correct surrendering strategy (for games that offer that option) for a few situations involving a hard 15 or 16 when players are up against a nine, ten or ace from the dealer.

This is why knowing a player's options is critical because it allows people to get the best possible payout rates with LIVE betting blackjack instead of having to settle for less.

Social Interaction

Aside from the different sets of rules, there are also varying degrees of social interaction that players can have in the games. Chatting between players who are in on the action is normal enough, and virtually every LIVE blackjack game online will have that form of communication. But what about people who aren't in the game? Talk from these players, known as kibitzing, is also available in some games, though players in on the action typically have the option to turn it off.

Talk with the dealer is almost always available, though it won't be important to some players. The ability to tip and interact with the dealer is one of the most important parts of the LIVE dealer blackjack experience for many since it's one of the things that most resembles playing in a land-based casino. All of the options we suggest for players have these options at a minimum, and many of them have more advanced options that allow for deciding who can be seen at the table, blocking annoying players or even silencing all chat, except from the dealer, so that players can focus on the game.

All of the Advantages, None of the Disadvantages

The key thing about playing blackjack in a LIVE dealer casino is that players get a mix of the advantages of both land-based and online games without any of the disadvantages. For example, players get the advantage of playing with real cards with a real dealer who they can talk to, but they don't have to deal with driving to the casino, paying for parking, standing in line at the cage to get chips, etc. It's all of the advantages with none of the disadvantages, and that's a major part of the reason why it's such a popular way to play.

With the selection of LIVE blackjack casinos that we offer here, players will be able to find a set of games that fits exactly what they're looking for. All of these sites are very reliable with quick cash out times, and they're all licensed for operation, often from multiple jurisdictions. These are the best options that players have for finding the LIVE blackjack games that offer the best payout rates and the most favorable rules.