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The Best LIVE Blackjack Casinos List 2020

Rating online LIVE blackjack casinos can be a little tricky for players who aren't familiar with all of the inner workings and history of the industry. The reason for this is simple: There is an incredible amount of research that has to be done. Along these lines, games like blackjack with LIVE dealers aren't available at all online casinos in general, so that makes the search even more tricky since players can't just look at general lists of the top sites in the industry as a whole. To this end, we want to help players find the best LIVE blackjack casinos that will fit exactly what they're looking for.

Personal Tastes

The first thing to realize is that not everyone is looking for the same exact thing, and for that reason, it's tough to try to say that one site is the best "one size fits all" option for everyone. While we're focusing here on LIVE dealer blackjack games online, we also have an issue where we need to make sure that other aspects of the experience are solid as well. This includes promotions, reliable cash outs, solid customer service and a user-friendly interface. Different pieces of these criteria will rank differently for different types of players, and that's why our focus is to put all of the information out there that a player needs to make their own choice from the top options out there as a whole.

LIVE Blackjack Casinos Technical Specs

To play blackjack with LIVE dealers from a computer or mobile device, there are certain technical specs that have to be met. Some sites using ultra high-definition video and sound feeds that require very fast and consistent Internet connection speeds, and others use moderately high-definition feeds that aren't nearly as sensitive to "hiccups" in the connection. This means players need to choose which LIVE dealer casino they want to play with based at least partially on the type of connection they have.

Another issue is the type of computer or device a player has. At some casinos, players can enjoy LIVE blackjack with their mobile devices, and others only using a computer. Even then, compatibility can be an issue, so players should start with the type of computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) or mobile device (Android, iOS, Windows mobile, Blackberry, etc.) and make sure that the site they pick will work with that computer system or mobile option. From that starting point, players can pick other options based on whatever appeals to them personally.

Game Types

There are three types of dealers that players will typically find dealing LIVE blackjack games, and some people have preferences for the type of dealer. The uniform and overall appeal of the dealers themselves will tie in with the background and overall theme of the LIVE dealer online blackjack casino itself, so it's a pretty important part of the decision. The three main types of European, Asian and Playboy bunny.

European dealers tend to wear the typical croupier uniform or a plain, black dress in a typical Western casino environment. People who have played blackjack with LIVE dealers in North America, South America or Europe will recognize this style as being the most common. However, there's also an option to play with Asian dealers, who have a different style of uniform and a much different overall setting for the game. Similar types of tables are used, and the play of the game is largely the same.

Finally, the international magazine Playboy has also sponsored a number of tables, and this means special Playboy bunny dealers can be used as well. Outside of their atypical uniform, the rest of the casino set is Western in appearance, but the variety of the bunny dealers can be fun for a lot of players, and that's why it's a key part of the overall decision.