LIVE Blackjack Games Collection

Blackjack might seem like a simple game at times but can actually get rather complicated when strategies and betting systems are involved. The game has been played for many years and has only hit the online market around a little over a decade ago. However, once the game became available, users from around the world started to play and found fantastic rewards are available in the comfort of your own home.

Various developers have created the game with LIVE dealers, which provides different layouts and game options for players. Many of these developers also offer side bets, including perfect pairs. It’s important to find a blackjack game with the right features and game options along with great graphics and easy to use layouts. 

Choosing the Best Blackjack Variation for You

Choosing the best game might be harder than you think, especially when you are not familiar with what each developer has to offer. Many offer multi-hand that provides up to 7 hand game options at a time. Other provide only one hand per round, which is referred to as single hand Blackjack. As mentioned, players can also take advantage of side bets. These will require an additional bet, but offer more attractive opportunities.

Some developers include betting behind option, which allows users to wager on the side bet option without playing the main game. Most LIVE dealer developers have taken a lot of time to put these games together, which clearly shows with each round. The dealers are always professional and offer a gaming experience that’s definitely a step up from virtual gaming and land-based casinos. The chat features are also well-worth a try as it connects you to other players around the world.

Choosing a blackjack game is mostly about finding a table that provides the bet values you require, the options you need, along with correct payouts and a clear video feed that shows you each move the dealer takes.

LIVE Blackjack Games Developers

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming has been in the LIVE dealer game creation from the very beginning, which gives they an edge with knowledge and experience. It’s easy to see the developer knows what to offer players with the options they have included. Their Blackjack game options include HD video feeds, amazing camera angles, and professional dealers. The game itself caters for all with various bet amounts and options, which includes an optional side bet.

Players can also choose to take advantage of the betting behind option that allows you to wager on other players even when you occupy a seat at the table. The bet values provide the perfect game opportunity for all as table limits are also kept within reason.


NetEnt has taken their time to create amazingly well-designed tables and professional dealers that hit your screen with HD graphics. They also provide the standard game with side bet options. Bet values can be adjusted with just a single click in their classic betting menu, making the games easy to play and perfect for beginners, but still offering all the features for professionals.


Microgaming is known to be only of the very first online casino developers. Users will find Microgaming offers all the required options and side bets to make the as enjoyable as possible. The developers also include various additional options to enhance your experience, which including a fair game with multiple bet amounts. Table limits are huge and provide a game for all.


The developers mention above also offer mobile gaming, which means users will be able to connect to LIVE dealer table with Android or iOS devices. Players are sure to enjoy a game of Blackjack with these developers as they offer professional games and all the options you could possibly want.