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BetConstruct LIVE Dealer Game

Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

BetConstruct is one of those providers that has managed to make a name for itself throughout the years. As it’s got some pretty impressive games it should come as no surprise that their clients come in millions. They have provided LIVE versions of classic casino games and that collection can’t be complete without adding blackjack.

The provider’s LIVE blackjack version is a gem in the plethora of LIVE casino games. This is the case because it has something for everyone’s test. For those looking for a good game the provider has a standard version of the game and for those looking to score BetConstruct has a Multi-Seat Option. If you’re a blackjack fan then you should give this version a try.

BetConstruct LIVE Blackjack Features

As mentioned before, the game is in its essence a standard blackjack game with 7 seats. The game’s played with 8 decks, the payout rate is 3:2 and the dealer stands on 17s. The play can split, double down and even surrender the two first cards at the cost of half the wager.

Should the dealer’s first card be an Ace then the player is offered Insurance. That costs half of the first stake and pays at a rate of 2:1. The game also has two interesting features players could find useful. The first one is the Smart Player feature that gives the players a warning whenever their action isn’t aligned with the standard strategy, and what’s more important it gives them a chance to change their mind. This option is ideal for beginner poker players. The second feature is more suited to high-rollers because it speeds the game up which is why its name is the Pre-Decision feature. Another feature the game has is the Multi-Seat feature that allows a single player to take up 3 seats.

There are 3 side bets players can place. Those are the Lucky 7, Perfect Pairs and the Honey Bonus bet. Lucky 7 is a bet that pays out 500:1 but only if the player’s first card is a 7. If there are more 7s then the payout is better. The Honey Bonus is based on a combination of the dealer’s cards facing up and the player’s first two cards.

Like all LIVE games, this one also comes with a high-quality video and a stream so the player doesn’t miss out on the action. The dealer is always there should the player have any questions or if the player runs into any kind of issue. Besides, players can enjoy this game from the comfort of their home or on the go on their mobile devices.


A large part of the screen is dedicated to the video so the player can keep a track of the game. The cards are enlarged just so the player can see them more clearly. Below the video is a small table that shows the players’ bet amount and balance, the chips the players can bet with and also has a cashier option should they want to deposit more. The table also has several icons that let the player control the screen size and audio options. The Table Limits are displayed in the upper right corner and the player also has the option to see the statistics of the last 10 rounds of the game.


Since this is a high-quality game then a lot of online casinos will have it in their library. This means that each casino site will have different wagering limits set. In general, the game allows the players to place bets between €0.5 and €50.00 but that number can go up depending on the casino website you play at.


This version of LIVE blackjack by BetConstruct is suited to all kinds of blackjack players. It tests their skills and rewards them accordingly. If you’re a beginner blackjack player or a high-roller looking for the ultimate challenge then try out this version.