Blackjack Early Payout Review
ViG LIVE Dealer Game

Blackjack Early Payout with LIVE Dealer Blackjack Early Payout with LIVE Dealer

Visionary iGaming or ViG is a LIVE dealer software provider known for offering the most engaging, interactive and most professional LIVE dealer games. ViG software is stable, reliable and boasts uptime of 99,89% and standard size cards used from Shuffle Master iShoes. Games are broadcasted via high-quality multi-bit video and are optimised to match players connection. All games can be accessed in multiple languages, and betting options include multiple currencies and players can play at private or high roller tables. ViG patented and invented a unique version of LIVE Blackjack titled Blackjack Early Payouts, offering a 99.5% payout, which is the most top paying blackjack game available online.

Early Payout Blackjack LIVE Features

Blackjack Early Payout launched in 2005 and was the first common draw, one-to-many, blackjack version available to online players. Originally Blackjack Early Payout was created to be only a scalable blackjack version that could accommodate an infinite number of players seated at a single table. The game became massively popular since Blackjack Early Payout provides online players with the option to opt out at any stage and to claim early payouts that can be greater than the original wager, depending on the up card of the dealer. Online players have the option to accept early payouts based on the expected probability of their hand at the time of taking an early payout.

ViG Blackjack Early Payout is famed for allowing players never to be concerned about being outdrawn by the dealer or bust a hand.  A high degree of player suspense is created via the early payout feature since hands are dealt with completion enabling players to make payout decisions based on the evaluation. The two side bets which increase player options include pairs side bet, enabling players to bet that the first two cards will be a pair as well as the rummy side bet. The rummy bet allows players to bet that the first two cards dealt plus the dealers revealed card is a rummy. Winning hands can obtain three cards of the same rank or three cards of the same suit.

This type of blackjack offers the highest payouts enabling players to enjoy games as professional’s due to the game following basic strategies. By maximising players winning probability Blackjack, Early Payout also offers a payout of 99.5%, which makes if one of the most popular options for online players.

LIVE dealer games available from ViG include LIVE Baccarat, LIVE Roulette and LIVE Blackjack. In April 2016, Visionary iGaming launches its Full-Screen HD LIVE Blackjack offering an increase in visual effects and HD quality enabling players to enjoy the most authentic online experience.


LIVE Blackjack Eary Payout by VIG ticks the right boxes and makes for an exciting time playing blackjack. The ability to maximise wins based on the game rules is one that even the larger developers fail to offer, and this is where VIG shines. The 99.5% probability is attractive, to say the least and with the right blackjack strategy employed, can prove to be quite profitable.