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EntwineTech LIVE Dealer Game

Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

EntwineTech is best known for their LIVE Big Screen Blackjack product, as it was one of the first to be launched by the company. Instead of using a standard size layout like most leading LIVE dealer studios, EntwineTech opted in for a bigger screen so players can be captivated by a wider angle of the table and LIVE dealer that oversees the game. LIVE Blackjack from EntwineTech utilises the same format as other LIVE dealer software companies with the table layout and number of seats offered to players. They also included more betting options and an innovative i-Shoe application to increase the overall game security by reading the suit and rank of each card.

How to play EntwineTech LIVE Blackjack

LIVE Blackjack from EntwineTech is streamed LIVE from their studio using the latest HD cameras to offer players a realistic gaming experience while sitting at home. What makes EntwineTech even more impressive is the fact that players can enjoy the games on the move, thanks to optimising their LIVE dealer games to fit on a mobile screen.

The LIVE Blackjack product from EntwineTech offers seven seats with an attractive LIVE dealer always dealing the cards. You need only to select an open seat on a table and wait for the next round to start. The aim of the game is not to reach 21, but to beat the dealer’s hand. Once your hand has been dealt, you can either ‘Hit’ to receive another card, ‘Stand’ if you are satisfied with your card value, or ‘Split’ if you received two of the same cards to form two hands in one round. Keep in mind however that the additional hand will come at an extra cost.

Should you play during peak times, and you can’t find an open seat, you will still be able to make bets by using the Bet Behind feature. This was specifically designed for peak times where online players can make a wager on someone else’s hand by placing bets behind their bet. The only downfall to EntwineTech’s LIVE Blackjack product is the fact that you can’t interact with the LIVE dealer as you would at other LIVE dealer casinos.

LIVE Blackjack Layout

The table layout is elegant, sophisticated, and simple to understand for newcomers that enter the world of LIVE casinos. The LIVE dealers are always well presented, friendly, and patient. Once your hand has been dealt, you will notice a small purple number displayed below the cards to indicate your card value. This makes it incredibly easy to see what your current hand value is before making your next betting decision.

The betting layout is just as impressive with an array of additional options at your disposal. Located at the top of the screen is a news ticker, providing the latest information from the LIVE casino section, along with the maximum payout on the blackjack table and the minimum bet required to make a wager. EntwineTech also opted in for a dark green felt on the table to make it look as professional and as realistic as possible to provide players with a truly immersive LIVE dealer experience, giving the impression that you are sitting in a land-based casino while enjoying a few hands of blackjack.


Entwines LIVE Dealer Blackjack is on-par with most other LIVE dealer blackjack variations. Gameplay is as expected and of course, so too is how the game is played. This is a good thing however as it allows those who understand the game to jump right in and get in on the action. Overall, a solid addition to Entwines LIVE dealer line-up.