Blackjack Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

Blackjack is a highly popular casino game in both land-based and online casinos. Evolution Gaming has now made it possible for these games to be enjoyed through the addition of LIVE dealers. This means players will be able to see the friendly dealers and have a full LIVE gaming experience with each round. The game is exactly the same as those observed in casinos, giving players the edge of gaming on PC or iOS and Android mobile devices.

The standard rules and payouts are used for the LIVE blackjack Evolution Gaming, but players will be able to enjoy additional features with side bet options. Both high rollers and low rollers can access the features offered as various chip values and options appear in the betting menu at the bottom of the screen. Betting takes place on the table virtually, making the real casino experience so much more possible.

Players will be able to sit at one of 7 seats while having the ability to join various rooms. Since the game provides multiple side bet options, the game allows a Bet Behind feature for unlimited amounts of players. These players have the ability to take advantage of the side bet functions but cannot interfere with your game in any way.

Evolution LIVE Blackjack Additional Bets

The game provides many exciting features that allow higher payouts and more opportunities. These features can also be used by players that aren't seat at the actual table, making it possible for everyone to win in each table.

Bet Behind

Bet Behind is very much like those situations where other players stand behind the seated ones and place bets on the table. The bet behind feature in the LIVE game option allows unlimited players to take advantage of the bet behind feature. Players that are seated will be able to make use of the bet behind feature on others as well. The Blackjack game will provide golden rings around the players who have had the best winning or who are currently on a winning streak, making it the natural choice for most players who bet behind. This feature is also popular for players who are waiting for a seat to open on the table as they have attractive opportunities while waiting.

21+3 and Perfect Pairs

This form of additional bet allows all players to enjoy higher payouts. Both will ensure more winning opportunities, which can occur from the very beginning. Both are relatively self-explanatory. Perfect pairs will reward different values for certain pairs of the first 2 cards of the player. Since poker is played with more than one pack, it is possible for cards to consist of the same suit and value, which rewards the highest payout for the side bet.


LIVE blackjack game offers a predetermined feature that provides options before it’s your turn to play. This means you can decide the first action that needs to take place when the dealer gets to you. The options will appear on the screen as the dealer shifts to the first player, which will offer hit, stand, split, and double.

Once the dealer reaches you hand, the selected action will be done and further adjustments can occur with your assistance from there on. Players can also wait for the dealer and play the game with the normal options instead.