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Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

Extreme LIVE Gaming is one of the most popular LIVE game providers that offer a full range of table gaming options. Among those, players will be able to enjoy blackjack that comes with amazing video quality, real dealers and all the features you would expect from LIVE blackjack games. The game can be accessed from anywhere with mobile gaming options for both smartphones and tablets. Any operating system will be able to access the game as HTML5 has been optimized. This means no need to download anything, simply log in to your casino with the internet browser to take advantage of the features presented.

PC versions are also available and offer the same features and rewards. Extreme LIVE Gaming has made betting available on the table, which makes the game more realistic and enjoyable. A massive range of chip values are shown, which can be used to find the perfect wager and also easily use progressive betting options with each round.

Extreme LIVE Blackjack Game Options

Each round will provide various options that can be used to reach the payouts you want. These are all standard for blackjack and can be found in a land-based casino, meaning users who enjoy the standard game will be able to log in and take advantage of the rewards without learning new features.

Extreme LIVE blackjack begins once a bet has been placed virtually on the table. Players get to choose many values and play up to 7 hands per round. The dealer will provide 2 face-up cards per hand as well as 1 face-up and 1 face-down for the dealer.

Once the dealer gets to your hand, the options will appear on the screen. Here players can stand (receive no additional cards), hit (receive 1 additional card at a time), or use the advanced feature such as double on the first 2 cards (doubles the bet and adds one extra card), keep in mind that no other cards can be added after this feature. When a hand with 2 of the same cards values show up, players have the option to split. This will require another bet as 2 cards will not be played. Each hand will receive another card, and players will have hit or stand options with both hands.

 The game will not allow players to split 2 Ace’s or to double up after a split. The game is played with a total of 8 decks that ensures the game remains completely random. The dealer has to stand on any 17, meaning anything below will receive the dealer to hit.


Extreme LIVE Gaming provides various game statistics about previous rounds, including those played before you joined the table. These stats and various other information tabs are shown on either side of the dealer and will not interfere with the game itself.

Players are also presented with a LIVE chat option that all other players and the dealer will be able to see. With this feature, you can communicate with other players from around the world. This is a wonderful addition, especially between rounds.