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Ezugi LIVE Dealer Game

Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

LIVE blackjack has been around for a few years and offered by many developers. However, not many offer the game with such amazing quality as Ezugi. The game is offered with multi-hand variations and provide the standard rules of the game, allowing players to take full advantage of the rewards offered. Ezugi has also included 2 side bet options to boost winnings and offer more options to the player. These bets are optional, meaning you will be able to use these bets or just play the standard game.

Players will find various bet values can be used to reach a certain total or to start small and increase as you go. Each table could consist of multiple players, which will be shown on the screen, but players do have the option to play multiple hands at a time. The side bets can be played on every wagered hand on the table, whether the wager is placed by you or another player. This means you can win on those hands without playing.

Ezugi LIVE Blackjack Side Bets

As mentioned, the side bet options do not have to be played with each round. However, if players choose to take advantage of the additional reward, a chip can be placed on the PP or/and the 21+3 slots on either side of the central bet position. The 21+3 side bet rewards up to 100:1, which could add up to a huge win for higher bets.

The PP stands for Perfect Pair and will reward with the first 2 cards dealt to the player in that hand. Since the game is played with more than one deck, it’s possible for cards with the same number and suit can appear. This is referred to s a perfect pair that will reward 25:1. A hand consisting of the same card value and color (hearts and diamonds), will trigger the colored pair reward that pays 12:1. Finally, a mixed pair is the same card value with mixed colors (red and black suits), which pays 6:1 of the bet placed in the PP slot.


Ezugi has created an easy to use and clear options panel that will show you everything needed to place bets and take advantages of various options offered. There are multiple chip values and setting at the bottom of your screen, which appears in a dark gray color beneath the table. The table is green and includes game rules as one would find in land-based casinos. Betting takes place on the table with virtual wagering. Payouts are completed virtually as well, which means instant rewards are granted to your account after each round.

The LIVE dealers are friendly and provide a chat option where users can talk to the dealer and other players at the table. Dealers are professional and provide an incredible game experience that ensures beginners and high rollers have many reasons to return for another rewarding game experience.