Blackjack Review
NetEnt LIVE Dealer Game

Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

Blackjack is a casino game that has been enjoyed for many years. The game became incredibly popular once land-based casino offered the game and even more so with LIVE casinos online. NetEnt now offers the online game with LIVE dealers, which means the best from land-based and online casinos have been combined into one easy to play the game with accurate results and real dealers. The dealers can be seen with a LIVE video stream from the table. NetEnt has ensured users can see results with HD streaming quality that can be accessed with PC or iOS and Android mobile smartphones and tablets.

NetEnt has designed LIVE Blackjack games to make betting easy and offer a range of attractive betting values for beginners and experts to enjoy. Dealers are friendly and offer professional gaming with each and every round they deal.

Table Layout

NetEnt has clearly taken their time to create a table that has easy options and provides an enjoyable gaming environment for all players. There are 7 hands to play at the same time and players will be able to occupy as many as they want. However, other players will also sign into the same table, but NetEnt monitors this to ensure everyone has the ability to wager by offering more tables during busy times or when a large amount of players sign in simultaneously.

The chip values appear at the bottom of the screen with values that will suit all. The dealer will announce when betting is open during which users can place bets. The table is shown virtually, but NetEnt has included 3D graphics. This means it looks just like the real table and provide betting on the actual table. Additional option and features are available where players get to view stats and game history.

The betting takes place virtually that will ensure correct values are rewarded and much faster than any land based casino. This ensures users spend more time playing their favorite games, instead of waiting for the casino. Betting windows last for around 12 second, which might not sound long, but is actually more than long enough to place the chip with the right value in the positions you would like to play.

How to Play NetEnt LIVE Dealer Blackjack

As mentioned above, once you’ve signed into a LIVE Blackjack table, you will need to wait for the next betting window. Once announced, place your chip in the ring in front of a seat on the table. The dealer will then close the bets and the game will begin. The dealer will start from the right and deal to all players to the right including themselves last. All player cards are dealt face up and 1 dealer card will appear face down.

The dealer will once again start from the right and offer players the options the usual game provides, which includes split when 2 of the same card values appear in a hand, double up, hit, and of course stand. NetEnt uses standard rules for the game along with normal payouts. No additional side bets are shown, meaning a straightforward variation of Blackjack can be expected.