LIVE Dealer Blackjack Playtech Review

Playtech LIVE Dealer Blackjack Table Playtech LIVE Dealer Blackjack Gameplay

Playtech has created a LIVE dealer blackjack variation that provides all the features from the standard game to be enjoyed anywhere. Players will be able to access the game at any time with mobile devices or PC. Apps are available for iOS and Android, but other smartphone devices will be able to gain access with the internet browser as HTML5 has been enabled. Playtech has made the game available with multi-play features that allow users to enjoy the game with multiple seats or play other LIVE games at the same time.

LIVE Blackjack from Playtech uses 8 decks to ensure the game remains random at all times. The video feed is streamed LIVE in HD that will show the table and beautiful dealers that offer the game. The table has been optimized for virtual betting. This means there are no strange betting features to get used to, select the chip value at the bottom of the screen and place coins in as many rings on the table as you like. Each of these rings represents hands, meaning up to 7 hands can be played simultaneously.

The game does not offer betting behind but does include a side bet for perfect pairs. Players have to occupy a seat to play the game or take advantage of the perfect pairs side bet. Only standard betting options will appear with normal rules found in land-based casinos, which makes it very easy to get used to the LIVE dealer option. Playtech is definitely one of the most preferred LIVE dealer platforms for many reasons, which includes accurate and professional gaming, friendly dealers, and a game experience that cannot be matched by others.

Playtech Blackjack LIVE Variations

Playtech provides blackjack in many styles and game types. All follow the same ground rules, meaning it comes down to what players prefer and how high they would like the table limits to be. The standard LIVE Blackjack as mentioned above is the standard game with normal table limits and lower chip values. Players can take advantage of VIP Blackjack that is offered on various table styles and layouts. All of the games provide multi-hand options and the same game options that allow users to change between games.

Game Rules and Features

As mentioned, this form of blackjack uses the standard rules. However, unlike most land-based forms of blackjack where the dealer needs to hit on soft 17, here the dealer will stand on all 17’s. The game consists of 8 decks and provides all the options the usual game has. Press “hit” for an additional card, “stand” to play the hand, “double” to double the wager amount and receive only 1 more card, “split” when the first 2 cards have the same value, and you would like to divide them into 2 hands.

Players will be able to access LIVE Blackjack games history and information about previous hands with the options in the top right-hand corner. Additional options and features can also be located at the bottom of the screen that will provide sound and video quality options along with LIVE chat to talk to the dealer and other players.