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ViG LIVE Dealer Game

Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

LIVE blackjack, a game so simplified in how its played yet so exciting is developed by multiple developers. One studio that does the game justice online, Visionary iGaming. Standing as the most popular game on their studio floor, there is a minimum of several games open at once on the floor. This vastly entertaining variant of the casino may be played only through desktops or laptops. American rules or European rules can both be played, American standing more popular. Each of the minimum seven tables have seven seats available.

Dealers on the floor are skilled, young and attractive women whom are always prepared to chat with gamers through a mic to text option. The interface provided through this game is simplified, allowing for focus to be obtained directly into the LIVE game. The LIVE feed streamed is impeccable, at no point during the day will lag appear to caused on their end.

Additional Bets

Playing American Roulette, the more popular of the two available through Visionary iGaming. All that’s needed to bet with blackjack is to determine the amount of chips that will be placed in centre. In order to make a Rummy Bet or Pairs Bet, players will have to place the bets at the top right or top left hand corners of the game screen.

The Pairs Side Bet pays out 11:1, allowing for bigger wins to be awarded. The Rummy bet on the other hand only pays out 9:1. It’s important to take notice that there is little control on how bets are placed or used when using the automatic “Bet Behind” feature of this. Essentially this feature allows for punters to fork up money while other players gamble. There’s no control to what bets will be placed or what will be accomplished with your funds. Payouts are split 50/50 when the Bet Behind feature is at play.

LIVE Dealer ViG Blackjack Benefits

The benefits to playing with at this LIVE blackjack ViG studio before any others online is due to the fact that the LIVE video stream is smooth, high in detail and fluent in gameplay response. The interface designed for players to use makes it easier to focus directly on the LIVE experience before hand. All dealers will be fluent in their knowledge of the game & will always be willing to delve into detailed conversations with players. It makes for a game that’s not only beneficial but simplified & exciting.


Regardless if you are playing European Blackjack or American Blackjack LIVE, Visionary iGaming has crafted a smooth experience that cannot be matched. Visionary’s dealers have been named some of the best in the business for two years in a row now & with each passing year those dealers only become better at representing the platform as well as game. The truly awarding experience may be enjoyed today.