VIP Blackjack Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

VIP Blackjack with LIVE Dealer VIP Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

Evolution Gaming has been in the LIVE dealer market for well over a decade. The developer provides a wide range of LIVE dealer games, which include LIVE blackjack VIP. Players will be able to take full advantage of a multi-hand variation that allows up to 7 hands at a time. The game is presented with straightforward options and does not include any side bet features, meaning you are offered a Blackjack game experience at its best. Mobile gaming is not available, but instant play can be enjoyed on PC. Table limits range from $10.00 to $250.00, which includes a bet total for all players. The game is played with 8 decks of 52 cards that will be shuffled and cut in random places of the pack to ensure games are fair.

The table is well designed and shows the game rules as expected from a land-based casino. The cards feature bigger numbers to ensure players can see the result of each drawn card. The developer will automatically add additional tables should the current amount not accommodate all the players, which means everyone will always have a welcoming seat at the featured casinos.

How to Play Evolution VIP LIVE Blackjack

Since no side bets or additional features are presented with this variation of VIP Blackjack, players will find the game is a lot easier to play, but still includes the very best winnings from the standard LIVE blackjack game.

As a new round begins, you need to place a bet within the table limits inside the ring shown in front of any seat. The dealer will provide 2 cards that are face up to that position, which is your playing cards. The dealer cards will be dealt one face up and another face down.

Starting with players from the far right, the dealer will provide the standard Blackjack options, which include hit, stand, double, and split when 2 of the same card are shown in a hand. These options will appear virtually, making it easy to choose. The dealer will react to your selection and move on to the next play once you press the stand button.

Game rules state that dealers must draw on any 16, but has the ability to stand on all 17’s, meaning if the dealer has 16, they are forced to draw another card, making it quite possible for all players to win if the dealer exceeds a hand value of 21.


The developer has kept things plain nd easy to use with swift action options that allow you to make changes to your account and bet values within a few seconds. The game options and setting will appear below the table along with betting options. Here features such as rebet can also be accessed along with time remaining in the current bet window, which adds up to an easy LIVE Blackjack gaming opportunity for all to enjoy.