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XPro Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

XPro Gaming is a company that has been steadily rising in the LIVE Dealer casino market. The provider has made sure to keep a good reputation since 2005 and recently they proved that with the release of new LIVE games. Thanks to their work players can now enjoy different versions of LIVE poker, blackjack, baccarat, and many more games.

LIVE Blackjack is one of the most popular games today, which is why the provider decided to make their own version. This LIVE Dealer Blackjack version can accommodate all the needs of skillful blackjack players. Also, it features a version called Unlimited Blackjack that exists to take care of as many players as possible.

XPro Gamings LIVE Blackjack Features

XPro Gaming’s LIVE blackjack is a fast-paced game as the betting time lasts only 8 seconds. This requires players to make some quick decisions and stay alert at all times. Their skill is put to test when playing this game. If you don’t make a quick call then you’ll miss an opportunity.

This variant of LIVE blackjack has 7 seats available. Naturally, you can take up more than 1 seat if they aren’t occupied. However, if they’re full you can participate in the game thanks to the Bet Behind. The game’s played with 6 decks and it pays 3:2. The dealer stands on 17s and the players can double on any card.

If the dealer manages to get an Ace one of two things can happen. Players will be offered to take insurance in both cases. The insurance costs 50% of their initial take and if the opponent has a blackjack then they will be paid 2:1. The second thing players can do is activate the even money feature. By doing so players will be paid 1:1 regardless of the dealer’s hand.

To cater to more than 7 players, XPro Gaming offers the Unlimited Blackjack version. With this version, countless players can join a single table. Moreover, the games are enlarged so players can better see them. Additionally, a high-quality video is always available that ensures smooth gameplay and a more enjoyable experience.


The better part of the screen is taken up by the dealer and the table. On the bottom of the screen, you can see the various chips you can use for betting. To the left of them, you can see your current balance and bet amount. Above them, there is a small yellow bar that decreases as the 8 seconds decrease. Above the bar, you have a small sound icon you can use to control the audio. In the upper left corner, you have a lobby and chatbox icon you can use. On the other upper side, you have the last results displayed in a separate table. It’s a neat design that lets you keep track of everything.


The betting time is fixed with the different operators but the wagering limits aren’t. This means that some will offer you more favorable limits while others will offer less favorable ones. In general, when players are seated they can bet between €5.00 and €500.00 and when they’re betting behind they can bet between €1.00 and €50.00. 


The game’s speedy pace is what makes it exciting and ideal for high-rollers. A high level of skill is required to play XPro Gaming’s LIVE blackjack. It can take care of plenty of players. The game is the ultimate test of a master blackjack player as within 8 seconds they have to make up their mind and make a decision. If you’re into games with a high risk you’ll love this version of LIVE blackjack.