Infinite Blackjack Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Infinite Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Infinite Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

As with any new game Evolution Gaming launches, Infinite Blackjack is a game filled with surprises. True, it is based on Vegas rules, and true, it is a version of Unlimited or Common Draw Blackjack, however, it offers one new rule and two new side bets!

Evolution Gaming always implements new, ground-breaking features in its new releases, so it is no wonder infinite Blackjack will blow your mind. Find out more about it!

Infinite Blackjack LIVE Features

Instead of just the two regular side bets, 21+3 and Any Pair, Evolution Gaming has introduced two other, brand new side bets in Infinite Blackjack, called The Hot 3 side bet and the Bust It side bet. Also, in addition to the standard rules, the developer has also included a new rule in terms of winning hands, called 6 Card Charlie.

Let's start with the new side bets since often, Blackjack is all about side bets. The Bust It is a side bet where you'll be betting on how many cards the Dealer will bust with. The bets start with 3 cards or more. The bet that the Dealer will bust with 3 cards pays 1:1, 4 cards 2:1 and 5 cards 9:1. Betting that the dealer will bust with 6 cards gives you incredible odds of 50:1, 7 cards 100:1 and 8 cards an amazing 250:1 payout. Placing the Hot 3 Side Bet, you’ll be betting whether the Player’s first two cards and the Dealer’s card would form a total of 21, 20 or 19. Three 7s pays 100:1, suited 20 pays 20:1, unsuited 4:1. 20 pays 2:1 and 19 pays 1:1.

What’s the new 6 Card Charlie rule, then? If the Player’s hand is a total card value of 21 or less consisting of 6 cards, regardless of whether they resulted from a Split, even if the Dealer has a Blackjack, the Player automatically wins the main bet. Now, when the Player’s hand is 16 or less and the dealer has a Blackjack, the dealer will automatically continue dealing cards to the Player to see if a 6 Card Charlie can be obtained. If the Player obtains the hand, it will win, again, regardless of whether the Dealer has a Blackjack.


Streamed from Evolution’s well-known studio, Infinite Blackjack looks amazing. The colour brown is predominant, considering both the background and the table are coloured brown. Behind the dealer, you can see the infinity symbol, and above it, the Infinite Blackjack title is written.

Now, in the middle of the table, there is a slot where the dealer places players’ cards. The cards drop into the table and completely disappear physically, and are only presented to the player as visual cards in the playing interface. This is added to give a more personal playing experience to all the players playing the hand. And, information is displayed about other players’ decisions.

As far as device compatibility goes, Infinite Blackjack can be played on all devices, be it tablets, smartphones or desktop devices. It is available 24/7 at any Evolution-powered online casino.


The stakes for playing Infinite Blackjack at different Blackjack online casinos may vary. But usually, they go from $1.00 to $1,000.00. Some casinos have tailored the betting range to fit their players’ needs, so you may find casinos where the maximum bet can go up to $5,000.00.

In terms of payouts, we have mentioned the ones for the new side bets. 21+3 side bet plays 5:1 for a Flush, 10:1 for a Straight, 30:1 for a Three of a Kind, 40:1 for a Straight Flush, and 100:1 for Suited Trips. Any Pair side bet pays 8:1 for any pair and 25:1 for a suited pair. Blackjack, of course, pays 3:2. Now, as far as the RTP goes, the main hand gives 99.51%. Bust It side bet gives 93.82%, Hot 3 side bet gives 94.60%, 21+3 side bet gives 96.30% and Any Pair side bet gives 95.90%.


The unlimited number of players can play the same hand, there are four side bets, two old, two brand new, and there is a new 6 Card Charlie rule make Infinite Blackjack more than just an appealing blackjack version to play. Infinite Blackjack has really raised the bar on how a blackjack game should look and feel like, and how entertaining and rewarding it can be. It is absolutely a must, a game any blackjack player should try at least once in their lifetimes.