LIVE Dealer Blackjack Microgaming Review

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Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €1 - €10,000
Bonus: 100% to $400 Wager: --- Bet Range: $1 - $10,000
Bonus: 100% to €300 Wager: --- Bet Range: €1 - €10,000

Blackjack, the game, is one of the most played games in the world. Many have created versions of it specific for their software but Microgaming’s version is one that stands above most, Microgaming’s LIVE Blackjack is accessible through an instant play software and this format provides realistic visuals and immersive gameplay with each wager staked. Microgaming offers its LIVE games worldwide with the exception of those jurisdictions where gaming online is deemed illegal.

Microgaming offers original blackjack in its LIVE format. Instead of seeing a virtual table, you experience the real deal with a beautiful LIVE dealer dealing the cards and interacting with you. Player cards are displayed virtually, as are the betting options and player information.

Hot to Play Microgaming LIVE Blackjack

Playing Blackjack isn’t complicated. The game is crafted so that anyone may pick it up in seconds. Playing this game requires that players first choose as to how many coins they will be placing on their bet & what those coins will be valued at. The value of those coins include $1, $5, $10 and $25. Players are given the chance to “Stay” or “Hit”, through these two options players must defeat the dealer by either having a higher number then them or achieving blackjack. Completing blackjack has 3:2 awarded in payouts while defeating the dealer with a higher number has 2:1 paid out. If both the player & dealer tie, they both receive a 1:1 payout, allowing them to break even.

Game Benefits

The benefit to playing LIVE blackjack is the realistic experience received from it. LIVE dealers, operating in a professional manner make gamblers feel as if there at a land based casino. The key benefit to playing Microgaming variant of this game over anyone else’s is that Microgaming’s stream never falters. At all times the video quality is of high definition with every move being made by the dealers & gamblers smooth in their transition from server to server. It’s this ability that has allowed for Microgaming’s LIVE software to be licensed by dozens & dozens of casinos.


Microgaming consistently shows that their a develop whom goes above & beyond to craft something special in their games. It shows moments after playing this game. The fluency in the server never falter’s, the visuals are enhanced by high definition and the gameplay is riveting thanks to the quick styled betting crafted in Microgaming blackjack casino games.