Perfect Blackjack Review
NetEnt LIVE Dealer Game

Perfect Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Perfect Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

NetEnt has created a game that would appeal to any blackjack player, especially those players that haven’t learned their perfect strategy to win. It is called Perfect Blackjack for a reason. Many reasons. You’ll soon learn why, but first, you should know that this game will help you improve your blackjack skills and up your game. Ready for it?

LIVE Dealer Perfect Blackjack Features

First of all, let’s highlight the three major elements that make NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack unique and different than any other blackjack version. These are the autoplay functionality, the RTP and the teaching element. Yes, you heard it right, this game will teach you how to up your game.

The autoplay functionality allows you to Auto-Split or Auto-Double Down. This is a first-of-its-kind functionality introduced by NetEnt in LIVE Casino games. Another first is the RTP. Believe it or not, NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack gives you the best RTP you can get on a blackjack game, of 99.5%!

Now, on the matter of teaching. Perfect Blackjack was designed to help you learn how to play LIVE blackjack using the basic blackjack strategy. If you’re not a blackjack player, or you’re a beginner, this will be very useful for you to get a hang of what’s going on when you’re playing with a strategy. And if you’ve read on the internet, you do need a strategy if you intend to win playing baccarat.

In terms of gameplay, it is a European Blackjack game, played with 8 decks. The game starts as usual, but then the dealer only takes their second hand when all players have completed theirs. Once you place a bet, therefore, no other interaction with the game is required from you. The dealer will complete each hand following the perfect basic blackjack strategy. When the strategy allows, you can optionally select to Auto-Double Down or Auto-Split. You can place two additional side bets, the 21+3 and the Perfect Pairs bet.

Finally, you should know that there are 3 player positions on the table that allow an unlimited number of players to join and play.


Perfect Blackjack is streamed from NetEnt’s studio, so you should know what to expect. The art-deco style is evident, and you can see that the colours white, gold and black are predominant in the background. Behind the dealer, in the centre of the window, you can see the logo of the online casino you’re playing at since NetEnt gives operators the chance to fully brand the game.

The table is standard dark-green, and you have the basic rules written on it, as always, as the basic payouts.

The dealers are really kind, smiling, but super professional. You can see that they are trained to perfection and that they're doing their best to provide you with a seamless gambling time.


The minimum bet you can place to play Perfect Blackjack is $1.00. The maximum, though, can vary from casino to casino. In most cases, it goes up to $100.00.

As introduced, Perfect Blackjack is a special blackjack game because it gives an incredible RTP of 99.5%! This an extremely generous RTP which makes you want to play the game all the time.

In terms of payouts, you will be paid even money 1:1 if you win. Blackjack pays 3:2, so the game gives you pretty standard payouts, but with a way better RTP than any other blackjack variant.


NetEnt does not really have a massive LIVE Casino games portfolio, that's true, but its games are sophisticated enough to make you want to try them. Out of all the games, Perfect Blackjack is definitely one you should consider playing. First of all, it offers an RTP like no other game. Secondly, it helps you learn the basic strategy without you making any efforts in terms of decision-making, as the dealer does the entire job for you. And finally, you have the chance to Auto-Split and Auto-Double Down when you want to. It is a very interesting blackjack version, one everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.