Quantum Blackjack Review
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Quantum Blackjack with LIVE Dealer Quantum Blackjack with LIVE Dealer

The first Multiplier Blackjack game is here and it’s called Quantum Blackjack! Playtech has managed to create something that avid blackjack players have been searching for, for ages, if we may, where wins can be multiplied by up to 1,000x! Stay tuned and find out all about this brilliant variant of blackjack, and see how it differs from a standard one!


The first obvious hit feature offered in Quantum Blackjack is the Multiplier feature. Before each round, up to 3 cards with Multipliers are randomly selected, via the RNG, which offer Multiplier values of up to 10x. If during the game round, you get dealt with one or more of the Multiplier cards, your winning amount will be multiplied by the Multiplier values. Take note, the Multipliers are paid only if your hand beats the dealer’s.

The thing is, the dealer pushes on a 3 card bust. This, on the other hand, means, unless a Multiplier is involved, you get your stake back. If a Multiplier is active, its value is paid. The greatest thing is that if there’s more than one Multiplier involved in your hand, those Multiplier values are multiplied together! Therefore, if say, you have 5x and 3x Multipliers in your hand, your win is multiplied by 15x! In this case, the stake is not returned to you, but hey, your wins are boosted by 15x!

Therefore, a game round in Quantum Blackjack is no different than a round in standard blackjack, except the fact that the dealer always pushes when they bust with 3 cards.

There are two optional Side Bets that you can play simultaneously to the main hand, the 21+3 and the Perfect Pairs. The 21+3 means that your first two and the dealer’s first card need to form a valid 3 card poker hand. The Perfect Pair means the first cards you’re dealt need to form a pair.


In terms of design, you’ll see that the game looks really modern. Black is the predominant colour, however, you will see blue neon stripes and details all over the screen. The interface does not differ from the one in a standard blackjack game. The game is available on tablet, desktop and mobile devices, therefore, it can be played in both landscape and portrait mode.

Quantum Blackjack Playtech Wagering

To play Quantum Blackjack, you would have to wager a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum bet of $500. The RTP in the main hand is 99.47%. This includes the Multipliers in the calculation. For the 21+3 Side Bet, it is 96.30%, and for the Perfect Pairs is 95.90%.

Now, for the 21+3 Side Bet, you get different payouts. Should you get a Flush, you win 5:1. A Straight gives you 10:1, and a Three of a Kind 30:1. The Straight Flush gives you 40:1, and the Suited Three of a Kind gives you 100:1. For the Perfect Pair, you get 6:1 for a Mixed Pair, 12:1 for a Coloured Pair and 25:1 for the Perfect Pair.


Playtech’s Quantum Blackjack is a real game-changer. It is the first LIVE Blackjack game that offers Multipliers, and that its main difference from a standard blackjack variant. Another difference is that the dealer pushes on a 3 card bust, and the last difference is that if you get a win with Multipliers, you don’t get your stake back. But, it is a blackjack variant where you can apply the basic blackjack strategy to win. Therefore, if you're in for a really thrilling blackjack experience, make sure you try out Quantum Blackjack the soonest you can!