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In any online LIVE casino UK players have access to, what players will find is a very strong blackjack following. Blackjack is one of the core games that you find in any LIVE dealer casino that caters to United Kingdom players, and it's often seen as the most popular non-slot casino game in all of Europe. It's been made famous in television shows, books and movies as requiring a combination of skill and luck, and players from all over the Great Britain log in to play these games as a result. Game of LIVE blackjack UK players love can be found at a number of the casinos we suggest here.

How to Choose the Right Games

There are probably more different types of blackjack than any other casino game, other than slots, and that means players have a ton of different sets of rules to choose from. The casinos with LIVE blackjack online UK players prefer are those that have a combination of two things: relatively simple optimal strategies and a high maximum payout rate.

The potential payout rate is that which a player would get on average with perfect play in their game of choice. However, the games that require more difficult strategies to achieve higher payout rates lead players to making more mistakes, and this increases the effective house advantage. The idea, then, is that players want to be able to achieve higher payout rates overall without having to spend weeks (or months) learning the correct strategies and putting more time and effort into studying than actually playing.

To this end, the classic, multi-deck style of LIVE blackjack UK players prefer tends to be the best. Be careful when playing European blackjack, however, because the lack of a peek at the dealer's hole card changes up a lot of the important strategies when facing a dealer showing a ten or an ace.

Blackjack UK Casino Selection Criteria

Each online LIVE casino UK has to offer is subjected to a handful of different criteria that will help players to determine if it's the right choice. The licensing information, how long the site has been operating and the reputation of the company that actually operates the casino are all critical pieces of information that we have considered here in our recommendations. Our first order of business is to make sure that we're recommending sites that have a strong reputation for being reliable, especially with customer service, fairness and quick payouts.

On a slight lower tier of importance for evaluating LIVE blackjack online UK casinos is the appearance of the games, the types of dealers they have and the promotions that you can use. There are often special deals just for LIVE blackjack players that allow bonuses and other offers to be cleared more quickly than in a traditional online environment, largely because the games run slightly more slowly due to there being multiple players. This is an advantageous sort of thing for those who play in LIVE blackjack UK casinos for the majority of their play.

Other Considerations

Something else to consider is the fact that, because players have different priorities about the various parts of a casino or game, what is the best choice for one player isn't necessarily the best choice for another. Along these lines, our recommendation when picking out casinos that LIVE blackjack online UK players can enjoy is to first start by thinking about what your own preferences are and what you believe is most important to your own experience.

The bottom line is that some players prefer big bonuses, and others prefer a relaxing atmosphere. It really just depends on a player's own personal predisposition, and there is no "right" set of priorities to have. In any event, the selection of sites that we have recommended here will give you a great starting point that players can use to narrow down their search and find exactly what will work the best for them.