Download LIVE Roulette Numbers

One approach that many players have had success with over the years is using strings of LIVE roulette numbers to test certain types of strategies. The basic idea is that players can use a set of numbers from previous LIVE roulette spins, and then these can be pitted against a pre-set strategy to determine how that strategy would have faired under those conditions. The main advantage of this approach is that players don't have to worry about sitting through tons of spins on their own because they have the LIVE roulette results in front of them, and this saves a tremendous amount of time.

Tabulating LIVE Roulette Spin Results

There are two main approaches to this. First, players can use LIVE roulette numbers given to them from a third-party source from games that have already happened. Second, players can tabulate their own sets of numbers by sitting in front of tons and tons of LIVE roulette spins to take them down themselves. While this probably isn't the best use of your time, it can be a viable option for smaller sample sizes that allow players to get a quick glimpse into what could be an effective strategy.

Practical Guidelines

In terms of doing this in a practical and efficient way, it's probably best to use a spreadsheet or some kind of list to go through the numbers and take down "tick marks" of wins and losses through the list of numbers from LIVE roulette results. A second option is to just print out the numbers yourself in a list or grid, and if you know the exact numbers that win and lose on each spin with a given strategy, then simply circling all of the winning numbers and taking that as a percentage of the LIVE roulette spin results can tell players a lot about accuracy.

With that having been said, it's not a very practical approach if the bet sizes are changing or if the wins are scaled differently for different types of wins on the same spin. In this case, it's virtually unavoidable that the player needs to go through and calculate things manually, but keeping an organized list can make things work out pretty well. Overall, using LIVE roulette numbers to test out strategies is a pretty old idea that's been around for a while, but it's just as effective of an approach as it was decades ago, and because it's relatively low-tech, players don't need any special skills or advanced mathematical knowledge to make it work.

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