Best HTML 5 Based Roulette Released by Playtech

12 November 2016

One of the biggest developers of software and gaming content in the world, Playtech, has recently announced the launch of a new live casino roulette game, created in HTML 5. This new product is already available at all the licensees it has in its network, and it’s just one more improvement to an already impressive portfolio of live gaming titles.

After a lot of testing done on the user experience, and together with the licensees it has, Playtech has worked throughout 2016 on this product, and now they claim to have the world’s best mobile roulette product for the live gaming market.

A more sophisticated game than what the competition can offer, this new product has increased the level of engagement for the players considerably from the first week, with the session time being increased on all devices where it was played. The licensees have also seen increased revenue numbers.

This is the first time that players get the option to play a game of live roulette on a tablet and a mobile phone, using either landscape or portrait modes. They even have the option of checking out their bets as the wheel of the roulette is spinning.

Thanks to all the feedback that was received after intensive testing on the game, the team working on live casino content has managed to create a user interface that is considerably enhanced, and the game experience was improved as a result. The navigation is much easier to use now, the buttons are placed in the best positions for them, and the live action view has been chosen so that you get a good experience no matter what viewing format is picked.

In the first 48 hours after the launch of this new version of live roulette, they’ve found that players have for the most part already switched to it, leaving the old version of the game behind.

They’re also announcing that they’re working on an improved HTML 5 version for live blackjack as well, to be released at the end of 2016.

Kevin Kilminster, working at Playtech Live, declared that the focus on the roulette game was put there because this is the main game they have, in the premium category. They’ve tried hard to make sure that this is the best product available on this market, at the time of the launch.

The fact that so many users have switched to it in the first two days after release has proved that there was a need for it. They’ve seen great response from players and licensees alike, with the engagement times going up considerably.