Corporate Website Relaunch at Visionary iGaming

20 October 2016

Visionary iGaming’s new website has been redesigned and is now fully responsive, allwing tablet and smartphone users to access it and use it as well as anyone that is on a desktop PC. You can find this new website at

Since more and more players are enjoying the new HTML5 games and UI’s, that Visionary iGaming has been using in their latest Live Dealer titles, on mobile phones, they felt that it was time that their corporate website got the same treatment. The new site looks modern, the navigation has been improved, and there is an overall much better user experience, even if the user is on a smartphone.

Christina Marta, the company’s marketing director, has said that they’re all excited about this new website that was designed for Visionary iGaming. Users will find it easier now to explore the various live dealer titles available from them. No matter if they’re partners, members of the press, fans, potential clients or existing clients, they will have easier access to the news, game releases and the upcoming events that they announce.