Dream Catcher Lucky Wheel Launched at ICE By Evolution

07 February 2017

Evolution Gaming has just announced that they’re releasing today a new game, and that they will do it live, at the ICE exhibition, which takes place in London from February 7th to February 9th. Evolution is the leading developer of solutions for live casinos, and this new product that they’re launching is called Dream Catcher Lucky Wheel.

evolution gaming ice 2017

Evolution is apparently launching an entirely new category of games for them, the Live Lucky Wheel, and it does it with the Dream Catcher, the first title. The wheel that they created for this purpose is super-sized and it comes in vertical mode, with segments colored in silver or gold, with multipliers at 2x and 7x. The creator of this wheel, which is bespoke, was TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

With Dream Catcher, you’re going to get an immersive experience, just like the other live online games that Evolution provides. It will happen with the help of multiple HD cameras installed in a studio, the layout of which is similar to the one that is used for Immersive Roulette by the same company. You can see each phase as the wheel spins, and you will be able to do this from your regular PC, from your smartphone or from a tablet. There are close-ups and dynamic angles for the cameras, to enhance the experience of the player, along with the right sounds and light effects to achieve the same thing.

There will be a live dealer to help you out, to spin the Dream Catcher Wheel and to be the one to interact with the players each round. You, as a player, just have to place a bet on a number that you think will be the winner. The odds will correspond to the actual numbers, so you know how remote your chance of winning is. The numbers in question are 40, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1. There will also be an Autoplay option, if you want to wager on multiple rounds of Dream Catcher.

The Chief Product Office from Evolution Gaming, Todd Haushalter, declared that this is a very important moment for the company, since it could bring onboard a lot of players that are not used to live casinos and which don’t usually go for typical table games. They’re especially hoping to draw in the players that are typically only going after bingo or slot machines, or other similar titles. The game is very easy to play, it’s friendly and there is some potential for multipliers to kick in, at 2x or even 7x, so the bet can be multiplied thousands of times even. He likens this game to a game show, one that you can participate in while you’re at home. It should be a familiar sight to both players that are used to table games and to slots. They tried to add to the live casino category with this title, and they hope that players will enjoy the final product.

As for the source of the idea, he mentions that operators of Evolution products kept telling them that they want to reach other types of players with their products. They figured out that the issue with a lot of players is that they’re not attracted to table games, so they didn’t see a reason to make the move to live casino content. They tried to create a game here that would appeal to that crowd, without having to use tables, dice or cards in it. They ended up using the idea of the lucky wheel, though they decided that it had too much of an advantage for the house. They made it more fair to the players by using the multipliers at 2x or 7x, which can kick in quite often. The game that came out from this was a lot more exciting.

If you’re curious about Dream Catcher, Evolution Gaming will premiere it live at ICE, at the N2-250 stand. The game will be live streamed from the Riga studio.

Dream Catcher Lucky Wheel Launched at ICE By Evolution.