Evolution's Live Casino Hold'em Will Soon Get a Progressive Jackpot

Evolution Gaming has just announced that they will be soon offering the biggest progressive jackpot for a live casino game, and that the honor will go to Casino Hold’em. The name of this new progressive will be Jumbo 7 Jackpot.

Evolution’s Live Casino Hold’em will soon come in a version which will have the Jumbo 7 Jackpot active, and according to the company it will have a starting value of 1 million Euro, the money being provided by the developer initially.

Evolution’s Todd Haushalter declared that this contribution, of 1 million EUR, is a way for the company to thank the players and operators that have stuck with them so far. The game of Casino Hold’em sees a lot of volume, and so they believe that it has the potential to grow in value higher than even the amounts that the slot progressive jackpots have reached. He mentions how it has the potential to get to a value of as much as €30 million, at which point it would be the largest ever offered for a slot or table game. Having such a huge target to aspire to can make a game a lot more fun to play, and so that’s what they’re trying to do with the Jackpot version of this popular live dealer game.

This new jackpot, Jumbo 7, is integrated fully into the UI and gameplay of Casino Hold’em, and it will be winnable if you decide to place an extra side bet in order for a chance at it. The side bet will give you access to the progressive jackpot even if you lose or if you fold during the regular game of Casino Hold’em, so the two outcomes are not tied together.

A percentage of all side bets used at the Casino Hold’em tables will be added to the value of the Jumbo 7 Jackpot, so it will continue to grow and get bigger all the time.

The maximum value prize is offered to the player that wins it via a combination of 7 Card Straight Flush. The second best payout is offered depending on the hand that you have, going from the Straight to the hand of 6 Card Straight Flush (5,000 to 1 payout).

This new progressive jackpot is offered to licensees of Evolution’s that decide to sign up for this new program.

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