Evolution's Live Caribbean Stud Poker Gets Progressive Jackpot

The latest announcement from Evolution Gaming, one of the main providers of solutions for live dealer casinos, is in regards to a world first premiere, the introduction of a progressive jackpot in their Caribbean Stud Poker live casino title.

The game that gets the honor, Caribbean Stud Poker, has been designed together with Games Marketing. It’s not just the only version that can be played at a live casino, it’s also the only one to have a progressive jackpot now. This makes the game even more special and it is an even more exclusive product now, something that you can find only at a casino powered by Evolution Gaming.

This new progressive jackpot has been integrated completely into the UI and gameplay of Caribbean Stud Poker live. It’s probably going to be a big attraction point for plenty of online players, since the potential for a huge win has been significantly increased, and to get it all you have to do is add a small side bet. On top of that, the progressive jackpot can be won by players even if they fold that round, or if they lose to the dealer that particular round.

The highest level of the jackpot that is offered is the progressive jackpot, going up in time, until someone triggers it with the help of a Royal Flush. For the second level, we have a payout that is fixed in value, and which varies with each type of poker hand that you can have. These fixed rewards can come from combinations ranging from Three of a Kind, to Straight Flush, the maximum payout being €2,500.

The starting value of this progressive jackpot is at €50,000, and it can only go up from there. As side bets accumulate at Caribbean Stud Poker games, the progressive jackpot will keep getting bigger.

Todd Haushalter, from Evolution, declared that they’re excited about the potential that such a progressive jackpot could have for the game of Caribbean Stud Poker. Large prizes are always going to attract players, and in this case the prize can even go into a seven figure area, making the luckiest players millionaires. Besides the regular prizes that they get along the way, it’s good for the players to know that there is the potential for even more to be won.

The jackpot has already gone live at the first licensees, and new ones are adding it to their offer each day. Obviously, the more licensees add the game to their line-up, the bigger the progressive jackpot will become in a shorter amount of time.