Evolution’s New Live Baccarat Gets Controlled Squeeze

Evolution Gaming has just announced that they’ve launched a new version of Baccarat, with Controlled Squeeze features inside. Evolution is one of the major providers of solutions for live dealer websites, and they already had a line-up of Live Baccarat for their players since earlier in 2016.

This new version of Live Baccarat is the second live squeeze variant that is offered by Evolution to players, in addition to the Live Baccarat Squeeze, a game where the one performing the squeeze was the dealer. With Controlled Squeeze, the ones in control of this action are the players themselves, and they can do this on their PC, on their smartphone or on a tablet.

The action takes place in Riga, where the studios of Evolution Gaming are located. There are multiple HD cameras installed at the table. The table is custom designed, featuring inlays of glass in the top of the table, as well as two cameras under it, plus one at the top.

The cards are placed on the table face down, directly on the transparent glass panels, so that they are visible to the cameras mounted underneath the table. The player can see the dealt cards this way, but not until it is time. Until then, the software will use an overlay to mask the cards in the UI of the game. To perform the squeeze, the player has to tap on a card’s edge, or to click on it if they’re using a mouse. The value of the card will then be revealed. The option to do practice squeezes is there as well, and there will be no need for bets to be placed in that case.

The Creative Director of Evolution Gaming, Richard Hadida, declared that this game makes sure that the squeeze ritual, which many love from the times they spent at casinos in Macau, is offered in online variants as well. VIP players will normally miss this option online, since casinos offer it in Macau.

He also mentioned that from all their live dealer card games, it’s the Baccarat that is most popular among players, at least when it comes to the amount of money spent at the tables. Fans of Baccarat that are willing to spend big are especially attracted by the option of squeezing the cards. The fact that they can do it themselves should make this new game especially popular among them.