Evolution Will Create Canadian Studio, Only One Outside Europe

04 April 2017

The leading provider of solutions for live casino games, Evolution Gaming, has announced today that they’re going to create a new live casino studio, and that its location will be in British Columbia, in the Vancouver area. This will be their first studio outside Europe.

The new studio is going to be launched before the end of 2017, and it will be the eighth one. The reason for the creation of this new studio is the contract that Evolution has signed with BCLC, to provide them with live casino games. BCLC stands for British Columbia Lottery Corp. The agreement that they signed was for five years, and for this period Evolution will have its titles as part of PlayNow.com, which is owned by BCLC. The new studio will be fairly large, occupying an area of 16,000 sq. ft. In time, they intend to cover other lottery corporations from Canada as well, giving each jurisdiction its own dedicated or shared tables. In time, it is expected for the studio to provide the local Vancouver area with over 170 job opportunities.

At the time of the launch, BCLC will have a total of 10 live tables, for roulette, baccarat and blackjack. These games will be offered on PlayNow, in versions designed with mobile, tablet and desktop players, accessible 24/7.

The current offer available at BCLC includes multiple products and channels, including here their retail lottery side, the mobile and the online gaming, the bingo halls, brick and mortar casinos, plus their community gaming centres. The corporation is owned by the crown, through the British Columbia Province, so the revenues that come from it are used to support education, health care and various community initiatives. The live casino content is just the latest addition to the already long list of offerings, and it will be offered on PlayNow.com. This is the largest regulated gambling site from Canada.

Evolution considers that this new deal in Canada is very important for the company, especially since they’re expanding outside the European area, where they had all their studios until now. The new partnership with BCLC and the new studio that will be built as a result of it will ensure that local players will get the experience that they deserve. This expansion also consolidates the number one position that Evolution currently has in the B2B side of the live casino industry.

On the other side, a BCLC representative declared that they are happy about being able to get this agreement, and to include this year live casino content on their website.