Grand Royale Launched by Playtech Live

The latest live casino product from Playtech Live is called Grand Royale, and it is going to be their flagship product in this category. This is apparently just their first such release in this category, with others to come, and they aim to create their offering for the next gen live casino market. Grand Royale is apparently the most advanced studio right now, as well as the biggest one.

Grand Royale has been designed to provide a high end game experience for its players, with the right feel and look to make it the preferred choice for VIP players. The players that give Playtech licensees a try will enjoy the design, features and the functionality that was implemented with it.

The aim of Grand Royale is to give VIP clients an experience that would be appealing to them. The experience of a private room table has been copied with the Grand Blackjack title from Playtech, and VIP customers are sure to love it. There are also titles like the Mini Prestige Roulette, which is an upgrade from the Grand Roulette, which is offering a rich experience for the player.

As part of this new experience, Playtech has decided to include seven tables, ranging from roulette, to Baccarat and to five different variants of Blackjack. The opening of Grand Royale was in the last week of February and the existing players have migrated to it in a smooth manner. There was a boost of 30% in players soon after Playtech has completed the upgrade.

With this new deployment, Playtech aims to offer a next generation live casino studio, which together with their new UI should make for a convincing proposition for their players. They tried to create an experience that in each case would fit what the players needed, and this is visible in some of the unique elements which have been introduced to maximize the value for them. The team working for Playtech Live has been pushing hard to get the new studio ready, as well as the new experiences, rooms and environments that will be released soon.