Full HD Live Blackjack Available At Visionary iGaming

Visionary iGaming has launched in 2016 a new Live Blackjack version, a game that will come in Full HD quality and will be playable in full screen mode. According to them, it will be the most engaging and fast game of this type available on the Internet.

The version of the Live Blackjack game is the classic one, with 7 seats, but it was redesigned completely here. The game was created by the same team from Visionary iGaming that has launched plenty of other live dealer titles in the last decade, but they also got the help of a team of professional Blackjack players from MIT. The result is a game that they claim it is faster, more entertaining and authentic than anything else available right now.

The dealers from the live game table will greet the new players by using their name when they reach the table. There, players will be able to chat among themselves, place bets and play the game. The atmosphere at the table has been created in a way that would mimic the experience that you would have in Las Vegas. The fact that the game is playable in full screen and at Full HD quality is another bonus. One new feature is the one called “Choose Ahead”. This one allows players to make decisions immediately after the dealing of the cards, so the game’s pace is increased. “Back Bet” is the name of another feature, which both operators and players can use. Thanks to it, the game scales a lot, since any number of players can use it to place a wager behind the ones that are currently playing there. Finally, those that are looking for a bit of excitement will find options like Rummy Bet (which pays 9 to 1) or Pairs Bet (pays 11 to 1). There is even the option to tip the dealer and have the casino double it if the player wins.

The Marketing Director of the company declared that they had a lot of help from the mix of professional Blackjack players from MIT. They seem to be quite satisfied with the result of their work and the quality of the Live Blackjack title that they released. The revenue coming from this category have increased as soon as this new title was released.