Game of Christmas Live Roulette Released by Playtech

12 December 2016

With the holiday season coming up, Playtech has announced that they have a new title that they have to offer for it, and it’s a live dealer game of roulette with a Christmas theme that they created.

This Christmas Live Roulette will only be offered for the holidays, and it will give players an exclusive room to play in. The dealers will be wearing holiday themed costumes, while the rooms will be decorated the same way. All casinos that have live dealer games from Playtech will offer this holiday themed game.

Another recent announcement from Playtech was about the Prestige Baccarat game, another live dealer title which was added to the current list, which had Plytech Hi-Lo, baccarat, poker and blackjack.

Playtech mentioned that they tried to thank the clients of their live casino games with this new release. It was a great way for them to add a bit of cheer to their live game collection for the upcoming holidays.

After almost one year since the Prestige Roulette title was released, Playtech is giving us Prestige Baccarat as well. The first game was quite successful among the licensees of Playtech. The game of roulette takes place in an environment which is quite intimate, using neon lighting for the occasion. The player feels like he is close to the table and the dealer, so the experience is more like that from a casino in real life. Thanks to the multiple angles of the cameras and the possibility of fast betting rounds, there is also a bit more tension inserted into the game.

Playtech Live’s Head of Innovation mentioned how much work has gone into this new live Baccarat game, into development and research of the best way to go about it. The result is probably the best title of its kind on the market. Among the improvements which were made, he mentioned the squeeze option.

There was also a statement from the COO of Playtech, Shimon Akad, which said that this new Baccarat title, as well as the Prestige series to which it belongs, are a big part of Playtech Live’s future. These are the games that are considered of the next generation in the live casino market.