Playtech Opens in Latvia The Biggest Live Dealer Studio

The latest news from Playtech, the casino gaming company, is that they’re going to launch a new live dealer studio for some of their games, and that it will be created in Latvia, in Riga, its capital city. It will be the biggest studio for live dealer games in the world, and that’s certainly worth paying attention to.

According to Playtech, the facility where this studio will open has a total of 8,500 sq. meters. They installed high end cameras, and so you can expect games to be available in HD quality from that location. A campus is also part of the facility, where dealers can be trained on how to work with all the different games that are going to be available. In certain parts of the studio, there will be tables with the brand of certain companies, which have signed up for that sort of deal.

Mor Weizer, the CEO of Playtech, declared that the studio was a huge project for them, but at the same time it will be a huge deal for the company and it will make sure that Playtech’s licensees will continue to get their money’s worth. The studio has the latest hardware and software available installed, plus a control centre that is similarly furnished. The players will feel the difference in quality of the product.

They’re preparing to release live casino content that is at the next level, and with the help of this studio they will have the ability to do that, as well as the required flexibility.

In the last couple of years, live dealer content has become more and more popular among players, as people started getting faster Internet connections. These games give players a much better immersion. Europe is one of the places where this type of casino content is more popular. Players can try their hand at craps, roulette or blackjack, among others.